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Saturday, 31, October, 2009

Forensic Hallowe’en

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People die every day of the year.  Hallowe’en is no exception.  Some people really get into the iconography of Hallowe’en, with the bones and ghosts and such.  Forensic people, not so much.  Although, I was considering getting one of these for someone, but that’s another story.  And getting a date for the Mortician’s ball is always…problematic.  There’s also this.  But I digress.

But for a forensic pathologist, the dead are your patients.  They’re around all the time, not trotted out for a day of the dead ceremony, and with familiarity comes ennui.  My investigator once had Fred in a box in his truck for a prolonged period of time.  He said it was someone to talk to.   I’ve worked in a couple offices where there were long-term tenants in the freezer unit.  Dead bodies are just…there.

They are treated with respect, because that’s the right thing to do.  But they lose their specialness.  And they lose their capacity to frighten.  There’s nothing more well-behaved than a dead man.

The last time I was asked about Hallowe’en, it was by a cop, while we were waiting for animal control.  An individual who was a dog breeder had died, and the dogs would not let us in to move the body.  They were adamant about guarding their pack leader, and keeping him safe.  Thankfully, they were all Golden Retrievers.  But even dogs as good-natured as goldens weren’t going to allow just anyone to cart Dad away.

“No,” I said to the officer. “Just another day at the office.”

Friday, 30, October, 2009

Sappy Cat Blogging

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for SAPPY CAT BLOGGING!funny-pictures-csi-cat-collects-evidence1

Graduate Class # 24

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Legal Ethics.    A presentation by an AUSA, a former state prosecutor.  A rebuttal of a claim made by a defense attorney.  The job of the proeutor, and what can and cannot be proved.

Thursday, 29, October, 2009

Dental School #3

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The last pulmonary pathology lecture.  Now they can breathe easy.

(You would not believe how few of them laughed at that joke).

Tumors of the lungs, and fluids in the chest cavity, air, blood, lymph, and pus.

Wednesday, 28, October, 2009

Graduate Class # 23 Ballistics Laboratory

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Having learned what happens when bullets, fly, and having been thoroughly grounded in the four rules, it was off to the range to get some hands on experience.  (more…)

Haiku Contest

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This week’s Haiku Challenge at All Atwitter covers the subject of Attraction:  Go thou and submit thy own.


Confident smart-ass,

Intelligent, accomplished,

I can’t stay away



Tuesday, 27, October, 2009

Dental School # 1 & 2

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Pulmonary pathology


Atelectasis, obstructive vs. restrictive lung diseases.  Asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis; occupational lung diseases and ARDS.

Pulmonary hypertension, infectious pulmonary diseases, abscesses.

Sunday, 25, October, 2009

Graduate Class #22

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Rape and sexually related deaths.  One of the more depressing lectures.

Kinds of rape, Groth’s  typology of rapists, how to do a rape kit.

Friday, 23, October, 2009

Mol Day

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6.0221415 × 1023

The story is HERE.

Graduate Class #21

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Transportation related death.  Cars, motorcycles, trains and planes.

vgn903Should one own a motorcycle–only if you like being a fast-moving, seated pedestrian with no protection.  How to do a tox box.  Why you don’t try to beat a train at a crossing, and the Looming Illusion

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