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Wednesday, 19, October, 2011

Occupy THIS!

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Sunday, 9, October, 2011

Amish Violence Noted

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I knew that eastern Ohio had a problem with Amish prostitution, particularly at truck stops. I just today learned of Amish home invasions and shavings.

Friday, 26, August, 2011

Pass The Word

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Fellow blogger Carteach0 is running a raffle on his blog, to support the Wounded Warrior Project. WWP is a charity that helps raise awareness and gives assistance to wounded and disabled veterans. Please, enter and spread the word. His blog is HERE.

Tuesday, 8, February, 2011

The Big, Brown, Truck of Goodness

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Came today.  Always a good thing.

Monday, 13, December, 2010

Shopping Suggestion

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As time winds down, ever closer to Christmas, I point you to two shops that have the WtC seal of approval

The first is Halcyon Pottery, selling art you can use. Ceramics of all types, mugs, plates, vases, and whatnot, including games.

The other is 3 Old Broads and Their Stuff. Which is, well, three old broads selling their stuff. You never know.

Thursday, 21, October, 2010

Tank Cars in Scrapyard

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Tuesday, 12, October, 2010

Beehives in Wooster

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Monday, 12, July, 2010

Natural History

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An eventful day. First, one of the perigrin falcons was seen at the E55th St. Marina again. I don’t know which one it was, but they have a plethora of pigeons, swifts, starlings, and gulls to lunch on. I’m not surprised they hunt there.

Later, I saw a Hairy woodpecker in my backyard. I’ve heard them drumming before, and that kind of worries me–considering the age and height of the trees in my garden. But this one was right visible, on the frame holding up my neighbor’s fruit tree. The frame is made of treated wood, I don’t think the woodpecker was going to find it happy hunting, at least I hope not.

Finally, though, there was a big caterpillar. The butterfly garden has been attracting the monarchs and the tiger swallowtails, but this one was big, yellow, and spiky. From what I can tell, this was a tussock moth caterpillar. Whatever. It seemed to be happy on the lawn chair, and who am I do disturb it? Of course, it may become dinner for the skunks–much like the slugs so

Sunday, 4, July, 2010

Independence Day

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Wednesday, 19, May, 2010

They’re back!

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Driving by Green Lake–I wonder when the herons will come back?
Well, there’s one And there’s one…Look, there’s a third one on that log…And another one.

I guess they came back.

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