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Friday, 27, February, 2009

Overheard Today

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Q. What is the difference between Jesus and Obama?

A. Jesus was a carpenter.  Obama can’t assemble a cabinet.


But seriously folks, one of the most successful presidents, in terms of getting things done, was LBJ.  You may not like his vision of a Great Society, and his miscalculations in VN were legion.  But he was a tough negotiator who knew where to drag the rivers for the bodies of the missing.  In the figurative sense.

Sappy Cat Blogging

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tinker-curlIt’s Friday, so it’s time for SAPPY CAT BLOGGING!!!

Curled Tinker

Thursday, 26, February, 2009

Mary Black–Mo Ghile Mear

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Wednesday, 25, February, 2009

Test Your Blood Spatter Skills

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With this test in the New Scientist. Presented at the latest AAFS meeting (which is one of the meanest and snottiest groups I’ve ever had the misfortune to tangle with).  Evidently the experts were able to determine the mechanism for making a bloodstain correctly 91% of the time, as opposed to 21% by lay people.  Go look and see how you do.

(I missed one)

H/T Salome.

Zodiac Killer

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zodiac-button-note A.S. Last night did a nice presentation on the Zodiac Killer.  This is what I was hoping for, when students use their own initiative and do something (which means I don’t have to) and that shows that they can pull together a synthesis of what they’ve learned in the past two semesters.  W@@T!

Monday, 23, February, 2009

In Which I Channel Andy Rooney

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Why is it that people, particularly people who are drunk-dialing late in the evening can’t get the proper phone number, but they always are able to remember yours to hassle you?

Sunday, 22, February, 2009

Dr. Zeus’ Oscar Predictions

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He doesn’t care.  He is going to watch a Corner Gas Marathon

Saturday, 21, February, 2009

Big Egg Sucks Egg

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medium_big_eggThe news was out, the Big Egg was re-opening.  Once the place to go break your diet at 0300–or whenever you had a craving for greasy diner food, it had been closed by the Health Department for unspecified code violations several years ago.  Then it was cleaned up (obviously and thoroughly) and did a stint as an Asian restaurant (Chinese and Vietnamese) which wasn’t half bad, really.

But they closed and there was a dearth of late-night greasy spoons.  Particularly if you try to avoid the national chains, as is my wont, unless I’m desperate for a bathroom.  So I was pleased to hear that they were re-opening under new management.  Breakfast out is one of life’s little (and inexpensive) luxuries.


Friday, 20, February, 2009

Sappy Cat Blogging

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Noodle on the quilt hoopnoodle-quilt-hoop

Thursday, 19, February, 2009

Academic Retreat

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Today was the Academic Retreat at the Uni.  It USED to be held at a party centr. e, now it is held on the floor where I work.  That is much more convenient.  I had a poster.  I didn’t get a chance to see any of the speakers or go to the workshops, as I was in my office working on ANOTHER submission to the AAMC.  I’ve got to send in those things tomorrow.  I don’t know why we have a submission deadline in February for a November meeting.

The AMEE meeting is in late August, early September.  I was considering sending in a submission for them as well.  The meeting is in Malaga, and well, I don’t think I really want to go to Malaga in August.  It’s hot and expensive.  Boston in November is not hot and expensive, but it’s better than international air travel.

After this week I just want to slip into a quiet, restful, coma for a while.

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