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Monday, 29, September, 2008

Points of Information

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When the professor is sitting in his office, with the door closed, and there’s another person in there wearing a suit and a name-tag and holding lots of promotional materials from the college?  That’s NOT a good time to get another faculty member to open the door and see if he’s in there.  You have a 1430 appointment for getting a tutor you say?  Come at 1430.

I will post the grades as soon as I run the sheets through the scantron.  Two of your fellow distance learners have not sent their tests back, and I can’t tell you what the scores or the curves are until they do so.  Twenty-five phone calls to my office won’t hurry things along, either.

There are graduate and undergraduate classes in this building as well as medical classes.  Rooms are booked in advance, sometimes for months.  If you leave your stuff in my classroom, you cannot get to it until class ends.  It will only be an hour.  And I want to point out that you are an IDIOT for leaving your cell phone in my classroom where it can ring.  Next time you do that, I’m calling the weather and date phone line.  In Tokyo.

That is all.

This is Just WRONG

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Hat, tip Robbubba.  Knit two, purge one. I don’t mean for this to become a knitting blog, but a knit teratoma? sheesh.

Sunday, 28, September, 2008

I Should Know Better Than

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To read the editorial section of the Cleveland paper. If the paid writers don’t piss me off, the letters to the editor will raise my blood pressure.

Today, we had a woman writing to complain about the “castle doctrine”. That new law strengthening the right of Ohioans to have firearms in their homes (and occasionally automobiles). This woman is concerned that having the ability to defend themselves will cause Ohioans–wait for it–to feel bad.

Guns are so powerful and evil that only trained police officers can be trusted to use them without suffering devastating psychological trauma. Because, you know, people might DIE.

People will die. Everyone will die. Even I will die, though I know that’s the last thing I’m going to do.

Think about it.

I respect her desire not to use or carry a firearm. I do not respect her thinking, nor will I allow her fears to strip me of my constitutional rights because she (or I might feel bad).   I work with and around armed individuals for a significant portion of the day.  The government paycheck isn’t magic, there are bozos with badges as well as bozos without badges.  It is a fundamental principle not to restrict people’s actions because of what they might do.  It is perfectly permissible to restrict people’s actions on the basis of what they have done, but what they might do?  Mr. Orwell, what was the definition of thoughtcrime again?

And if you start restricting the rights of others to make people feel better, to prevent them from taking actions because you, the collective you know better, where do you stop?  Let’s get rid of automobiles, they’re dangerous, discourage walking, pollute, and can be used by drunk drivers.  Let’s go and control people’s sexual expression, because we know better.  Let’s make sure everyone goes to bed at ten pm, and gets up at seven, and has a good breakfast, and calls their mommy promptly.

Or we can mind our own business, have people act like adults, and take responsiblity for their own actions.  Their OWN actions.  I can’t handle other people’s actions.

Saturday, 27, September, 2008

We Have A Winnah!

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Actually, we have two.  I had such a good response to the limerick contest, I couldn’t choose just one.  So, I chose two.  Neener, neener, neener.

I liked rj’s one, which suited my mood perfectly:

The time’s come for seasonal change,
When the season turns windy and rains…
And a flood of politics
Gives me nervous tics
As I wonder which blowhard will reign.

and Dan O’s

pretty colors abound this time of year.
leaves falling there, leaves falling here.
wish I could break,
from dragging this rake.
it must be time for a beer

So, you two get in touch with me and let me know which servicemember you want a care package sent to! Congratulations

As for the rest of the participants, thanks for your contributions and I’ll see you in two weeks. Fo your competitive poetry fix next week, head on over to Sparrow’s.

Friday, 26, September, 2008

Libertine, or Libertarian?

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Give me libertine or give me….PCN?


In Which I Notice Something

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I’m getting tired of politics.  I used to like SCIENCEBLOGS.COM.  I tried to get this blog on to scienceblogs.com.  Tara Smith and Orac are really impressive explainers and science writers, I’d like to be as good as they.  But lately, I find that Scienceblogs is turning into Politicsblogs.  And if I wanted politics, I’d have turned on my TV sometime in the past three months.  Which I haven’t but I digress.

However, I have been exposed to enough political comments to start doing a slow burn.  I realize I’m opening up a can of worms here: and there it is.  I don’t see myself as being bound by one party or the other.  I try to look at the issues, policies, and capabilities.  When I was younger, I was a staunch liberal.  Very far left.  Now, I suppose I fall into more of a libertarian bent.  I believe in personal responsibility, leaving other people alone, small government, taxes as low as you can get away with, regulation enough to keep larger entities from taking advantage of the weak and small.

I may not agree with you.  I don’t agree policially perfectly with anyone.  The tone taken by Ed Brayton, P.Z. Meyers, and the other Science blog commentators, is starting to get up my nose.  There’s a condescending tone, in that not only are people who disagree with them wrong, they are evil, in that they must percieve the truth, hold the same values as the writer, and then deliberately do things differently to thwart them.

David Frum said it better in his article in The Week.  Key graf:

Maybe I am unfair here, but to an outsider it seems that Democrats see these quadrennial presidential contests not as trials between two parties with the voters deciding, but as trials of the voters! Are the voters good enough, decent enough, unprejudiced enough to vote Democratic? Or will they succumb to their lower natures and vote Republican?

Stingray and LabRat have commented on this better than I can on their blog, HERE, for most of this month.

Thursday, 25, September, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

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Hat tip, Lili and XCKD

Mortician’s Hop

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I just got home from the Mortician’s hop. The annual clambake/raffle/dinner dance held by the Cleveland Society for Embalmers. I didn’t stay till the last dog was hung. Tinker and Noodle were fighting over and with a chipmunk, early this morning, and that makes for a long day.

Firstly, it is very difficult to get a date to the mortician’s ball. One tends to ask the girls and they break into hysterical laughter when you broach the subject. I asked one work colleague of mine, who was both quick to refuse and who gave me a wide berth thereafter. This year, I had the potential for delightful companionship, but the potential delightful companion was not in town, which made things difficult. I went with my friend, J.

As needed background for this story, J and I first worked together eighteen years ago in Poison Control Centre when she was my supervisor. She’s had a run of less than stellar luck lately, culminating in a couple of surgeries, one earlier this week. She deserved a change of scene.

We go, and the clam chowder is perfect. The clams are succulent and every one opens. The main course is well presented. The dinner companions are congenial. The door prizes looked interesting, but anything at all would be a disappointment after I won a headstone my first year. But I digress…

In the course of dinner, J’s neighbor leans over to her and asks, “So, how long have you and Dr. Zeus been married.” J choked. Now then, we’ve known each other since 1990, but we’re not married. In fact, J is a contemporary of my MOTHER. She’s just gone through a couple rounds of chemo, radiation, and surgery. I have to admit, for all of that, she does look pretty good.

I must look like terrible, though. I suppose I shouldn’t have turned in the headstone for cash.

Wednesday, 24, September, 2008

In Which My Name Is Dropped…

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From a letter that came to our department

As I am now a Chinese medical students in Grade Five, studying in China, my major is Forensic Medicine, and I will graduate next June, I am really very interested about the department of anatomy in your school of medicine. I know that this department has so many outstanding experts, newest equipments and the latest information, so it has became the dreamplace for many students just like me. Next June, I will get my bachelor degree. To be a professional forensic scientist is the target of my life. I know that Dr. Zeus in the department of anatomy is the top experts in the world now. So I want to apply for the master degree of the applied anatomy first, as my first step to get closer to my target.

So. My fame has gotten all the way to Bejing. I’m flattered, I can easily discern the flattery, but I’m flattered.

A Russian Nesting Doll From Chernobyl

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From these folks. Hat tip, Pam.

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