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Monday, 5, September, 2011

North Coast BlogShoot II-AAR

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After-action report:
Buy more .303 ammo.
Get a SMLE in .308–Walmart carries it.
OldNFO’s FAL was a LOT of FUN. Thanks!
Bubblehead Les had some nice toys, which I covet.
A portable canopy is a good idea on a 90 degree day.
Heath and his wife were very kind, have waggly dogs, and were nice enough to let us run around on their property.
Breda is a great organizer, who is now dubbed “World’s Most Dangerous Librarian and Cruise Director”.
I’d like to thank everyone who shared their toys, showed them off, coached the newbies, and made it a great event.

Photos under the fold. (more…)

Wednesday, 31, August, 2011

If You Aren’t Outraged, You Aren’t Paying Attention

Francesca Rice is a veteran. She owns firearms. Lakewood OH police heard about it, came to her condo, got the super to let them in and took them. Ms. Rice was not arrested, she wasn’t home, they just came an took her property. Ms. Rice owns them legally, but the cops will not return the weapons, worth over $15,000 without a court order. So she’s suing them. Story is HERE (Hat tip, Misfit)

If the people who did this weren’t wearing ugly blue polyester uniforms, this would be called “Grand Theft” and “Breaking and Entering”. The Earth-Bound Misfit suggests sending a copy of the United States Constitution to the Lakewood Chief of Police. I concur.

Chief of Police Timothy J. Malley
Lakewood City Hall
12650 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Also, the cash-strapped city of Cleveland (who is laying off police officers) is spending money and time on a gun registration program that is a. voluntary and b. has no data about efficacy whatsoever.

This might be a radical idea, but if you’re short of money and crime is a problem, you might want to stop hassling the law-abiding, and shift resources to, oh, I don’t know, actually catching criminals.

Sunday, 21, August, 2011


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Years of gun & forensic blogging and I can’t even get on the Gunblog Blacklist.

Thanks a bunch you guys.

Wednesday, 22, June, 2011

Crazy Einar

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A.K.A. Michael Z. Williamson is chewing the scenery again…

Wednesday, 1, June, 2011

Bogie Cleans His Guns

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I  will point out that I would get crucified for cleaning my guns in the living room and not putting down a lot of newspapers.  He’s also got four single-action revolvers that I can’t identify, a 1911, a 1903 pocket hammerless, a Luger, what looks like a M1917 S&W, a Model 60 S&W, a 1908 pocket hammerless, and some sort of small-framed revolver with a white grip.

I assume the grips are either bone or ivory, as Bogart would be familiar with Patton’s rule.


Thursday, 19, May, 2011

A Good Point

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Nancy R, at Excells At Nothing, makes a good point.  There was a lot of open carry of firearms seen at the NRA convention, and some folks look down on open carry because “it will scare the soccer moms”.  Now, it may.  Certainly there was a kerfuffle in Philly where it scared a cop, and there have been incidents in WI (where only open carry is legal).  But Nancy makes a good point: namely is the weapon in a proper holster?

As a general rule foresight and impulse control aren’t big in the criminal population.  As such, they are flying by the seat of their pants through life, really, and don’t plan ahead.  Criminal’s guns are usually in bad shape, in my experience.  Cheap, poorly maintained, rusty, passed around from hand to hand, rarely cleaned.  These folks are not the kind to spend $35 on an inexpensive holster (or $70-150) for a custom one.  If they had that sort of money, they’d spend it on other things.

As a general rule, street criminals aren’t wearing collared shirts and ties.  White collar criminals, sure, but not street types, and your white collar criminal is a problem, but is not going to threaten you with anything other than a pen.

Thursday, 12, May, 2011

Well, That’s Nice to Hear

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Ohio has joined the surrounding states in eliminating the provision that CCW holders can carry in Class D liquor establishments, like bars and restaurants.  This is the law in Pennsylvania (among other places) where I was recently at a 2nd Amendment function at a restaurant, with a bunch of folks who were open carrying).  It was a very tasty dinner, with a lot of admiring of holsters.

But no-one got shot, and very few of us were actually drinking.  It seems that a bunch of adult, well-mannered armed people exercised their second amendment rights and…nothing happened.  It would be nice if that could happen in my home state, I eat in a lot of bars and taverns.  Pub grub is good food.

Wednesday, 11, May, 2011

Houlton, Maine

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Maine has had a hard century.  The population in 1900 was larger than it was in 2000, and there were industries back then that don’t exist anymore (ice production) or those have changed a great deal (shoemaking).  Houlton, Maine is in the north, in the largest county Aroostock County, and it’s the county seat.  There’s not a whole lot in Houlton, there are potatoes, of course, and a Wal-Mart, and there used to be a POW camp, but that closed in 1946.

But, at the NRA convention recently, I found out that Houlton has another industry now.  Smith and Wesson is making Walther pistols under license there, along with some very, very nice 1911’s.   Did I mention that I liked their 1911s?  Just sayin’.

Thursday, 5, May, 2011

Sometimes, the Fight Comes to You.

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Many of the gunbloggers I read have mobility issues, like Breda, and Mike, and Peter.  Some of whom they speak of , some of which are private.  I have noticed some in the anti-gun rhetoric that doubles as editorial opinions coming from the Cleveland Bird-Cage Liner , erm Plain Dealer.  Disabled/differently abled people are ignored, they are quite happy for them to be disarmed and helpless.  Mike makes a good point, here, go though and read.  For the temporarily able bodied to feel safe, they are quite willing for the differently abled to be at risk.  Thanks a bunch.

Wednesday, 4, May, 2011

Harry Potter Needs a 1911

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Here’s why:

Think about how quickly the entire WWWIII (Wizarding-World War III) would have ended if all of the good guys had simply armed up with good ol’ American hot lead.

Basilisk? Let’s see how tough it is when you shoot it with a .470 Nitro Express. Worried about its Medusa-gaze? Wear night vision goggles. The image is light-amplified and re-transmitted to your eyes. You aren’t looking at it—you’re looking at a picture of it.

Imagine how epic the first movie would be if Harry had put a breeching charge on the bathroom wall, flash-banged the hole, and then went in wearing NVGs and Kevlar-weave stab-vest, carrying a SPAS-12.

And have you noticed that only Europe seems to have a problem with Deatheaters? Maybe it’s because Americans have spent the last 200 years shooting deer, playing GTA: Vice City, and keeping an eye out for black helicopters over their compounds. Meanwhile, Brits have been cutting their stakes with spoons. Remember: gun-control means that Voldemort wins. God made wizards and God made muggles, but Samuel Colt made them equal.

Now I know what you’re going to say: “But a wizard could just disarm someone with a gun!” Yeah, well they can also disarm someone with a wand (as they do many times throughout the books/movies). But which is faster: saying a spell or pulling a trigger?

Avada Kedavera, meet Avtomat Kalashnikova.

Imagine Harry out in the woods, wearing his invisibility cloak, carrying a .50bmg Barrett, turning Deatheaters into pink mist, scratching a lightning bolt into his rifle stock for each kill. I don’t think Madam Pomfrey has any spells that can scrape your brains off of the trees and put you back together after something like that. Voldmort’s wand may be 13.5 inches with a phoenix-feather core, but Harry’s would be 0.50 inches with a tungsten core. Let’s see Voldy wave his at 3,000 feet per second. Better hope you have some Essence of Dittany for that sucking chest wound.

I can see it now…Voldemort roaring with evil laughter and boasting to Harry that he can’t be killed, since he is protected by seven Horcruxes, only to have Harry give a crooked grin, flick his cigarette butt away, and deliver what would easily be the best one-liner in the entire series:

“Well then I guess it’s a good thing my 1911 holds 7+1.”

And that is why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911.

Thanks, Artie.

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