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Wednesday, 28, October, 2009

Graduate Class # 23 Ballistics Laboratory

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Having learned what happens when bullets, fly, and having been thoroughly grounded in the four rules, it was off to the range to get some hands on experience.  waiting

First was the .22.  [Browning Buckmark] Some students did approach this with trepidation, and there were a couple of high-pitched squeaks when the hot brass bounced off the wall.  And then there were the exclamations “I’m scared.  I’m only going to shoot it once,”  BANG “I’m going to do it again,” BANG, BANG, BANG.  Okay.  The Browning is a little persnickety, one aftermarket mag just refused to feed, and a washer kept coming loose.  But the whole group cycled through.

Then came the revolver (S&W M1917). downrangeThey practiced double action and single action shooting, and really appreciated the difference between a .22 and .45 ACP.  This revolver has more recoil, but they managed.  Everyone cycled through that experience, too.

Next, I demonstrated the long arms.  The 12 bore side-by-side was the first up, and people learned how to pull the weapon into their shoulder, where NOT to put the buttstock (not on the clavicle, and not on the head of the humerus).  They also learned to use a double trigger (one at a time, please), and how to stand leaning into the recoil.   Beginners, particularly women, have a tendency to lean back when using a shotgun.  demonstrationThis group caught on quickly.

Also, I noticed that, as in past years, women shooting the shotgun have a fairly unnerving habit of aiming at the target’s groin.  Oh, dear.  And the smaller the shooter the more they tend to enjoy the shotgun.  The crowd was really getting into it, with comments like “I like the big boom” and “I’m Iranian, we’re all good shots, particularly when we pretend to shoot the Republican Guard!”

Prof-BG The cardboard was rather the worse for wear, so we got a fresh piece and broke out the SMLE. To cries of “We want to shoot the RIFLE!” A 25 yard range is not really enough room, but the SMLE is kind of a monster at 12 pounds. Range rules allow for single shots only, and again the entire class got a chance. shotgunrifle The students then were able to shoot on their own, with the weapon they liked best for a time. Everyone took home a target, suitable for putting on the fridge or what have you. Some students had shot before, most had not, and by the end of the evening, were able to hit a standard NRA target with a handgun at a reasonable range, and keep all the shots on the paper. Accuracy will come later, with more practice. The main goal of this exercise was to help students understand gun safety and to learn a skill that they would not have otherwise.
3-studentsThat worked fairly well, I think.

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  1. And they learn that guns are just tools… guns are not sentient evil beings, they don’t turn their owners evil, or point themselves at innocents, or just go off all by themselves, or any of the other myths and lies that make people say “guns are scary”.

    I love it when that light goes on!

    Comment by misbeHaven — Friday, 30, October, 2009 @ 11:53 | Reply

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