William The Coroner’s Forensic Files

Comment Policy

Sky Marshall “I thought you were the big champion of free speech.”

Lazarus Long “I am. But there is no free lunch. You want to make a speech, hire a hall, this one is paid for by the Circle.” I welcome comments and a dialogue, but this is my blog, and by analogy, my house. So, to the point:

  • Comments must be on topic.
  • Abusive comments and flaming will be deleted, and if you give me a big enough pain in the back of my lap, I’ll ban you.
  • Spam or advertising is not allowed.
  • All of the above are defined at my discretion. I reserve the right to prohibit all comments, to delete or edit all or any portion of any comment made, and to ban any commenter or IP address from making any comments to this blog.
  • I reserve the right to be a capricious individual and to refine this comment policy at the drop of a hat.
  • Submitting a comment constitutes acceptance of this policy.

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