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Tuesday, 25, October, 2011

Bad Blogger

Filed under: Teaching — williamthecoroner @ 14:33

I’ve been stuck in grading Hell for the past couple of days, haven’t been able to do much of anything but sort papers and try to meet deadlines. For one thing, evaluating folks on 15 Lykert scales and trying to give meaningful feedback is just hard to do properly. It takes a lot of observation and thought, and it’s impossible to do quickly. Oh, you could just dash some BS off, but there’s too much of that in education.

Secondly, there was a schedule change that I wasn’t made aware of, and for the next two weeks, I’m double booked for the exact same time. Yep. Two places at once. I have to disappoint one group or the other, and so I did, but I really feel bad that I didn’t catch it sooner.


  1. You know, burning your end at both candles isn’t exactly good for your health…. 😉

    Comment by Auntie J — Tuesday, 25, October, 2011 @ 15:56 | Reply

  2. Grading hell…my wife is sitting on our couch grading papers from her Dynamic Leadership class. From time to time I hear comments about spelling and grammar, run-on and incomplete sentences. She may now be a full professor but she’s still that grade-school English teacher at heart.

    Comment by Crucis — Wednesday, 26, October, 2011 @ 11:24 | Reply

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