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Sunday, 30, January, 2011

The Red Rascal Strikes Again!

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A popular New England receipt is Grape-Nuts pudding. For some reason, Mainers like to make a sweet egg custard and put breakfast cereal in it. They also make a Grape-Nuts ice cream. I’ve never seen it outside of the New England states. The pudding is even the Tuesday dessert special at Moody’s Diner on Route One in Waldoboro.

So, in Cleveland, if you want Grape-nuts pudding, you gotta make it yourself. Like I say, it’s a sweet egg custard with the breakfast cereal added to it. Like rice pudding, but instead of rice, Grape-nuts. So this afternoon, I made some.  Here it is. (more…)

BlogRoll Additions

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Two new additions for your perusal.

Defending People, a TX defense attorney’s blog–though he’s a little het up about the TX bar vote coming up.

Hell in a Handbasket
: a central Ohio gunny.

Saturday, 29, January, 2011

The Maltese Falcon Project

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Via James Rummel, I come across the Internet Movie Firearms Database. For those of you geeks for whom the IMDB wasn’t enough. I’ve wondered what were the weapons used in the Maltese Falcon. This tells you. There were five–a Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver (used by Brigid O’Shaunessy), two Colt M1908 Vest Pocket .25s (used by Joel Cairo and Kaspar Gutman) and two Colt M1911A1 pistols (carried by Wilmer Cook).

On Gunbroker, there are plenty of 1911s, and 1908 .25s are available. Each one will run about 500-700 a piece. The Webley was only made until 1917, and those run around $8,000.

Friday, 28, January, 2011


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“Fuck Civility. Hyperbole, passion, and metaphor are beautiful parts of rhetoric. Marketplace of ideas can not be toned down for the insane.”

-Penn Jillette


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25 years ago, I was in the A.C. lobby when Dale Kantz told me about the Challenger explosion. I thought he was pulling my leg at the time. This was the first “where were you when” for my generation. The whole mood was devastated that something could go so wrong so badly. When the Columbia went down, I was thankful that it wasn’t in my jurisdiction. When Challenger happened, we were all just…stunned. And the space program never has recovered.

Sappy Cat Blogging

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Tinker at table

Tuesday, 25, January, 2011


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From the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Burt Likko’s essay on Classe in American society. While American society is not as stratified as the British society that Nancy Mitford broke into U and non-U, differences do exist. When time was (grade 7) I was taught that class wasn’t just about money, it was money and occupation and hobbies and sports and disability and race and religion and a whole host of other factors (come to think of it, this was probably about the time that the book Likko references was published.


Monday, 24, January, 2011


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Some of the best modern poets are songwriters. One of my favourites is the Newfoundland group Great Big Sea. I like their philosophy, and how they express it in their music. I shan’t recapitulate it here, that would be silly, but here are the three songs that sum it up for me.

Walk on the Moon:

The Company of Fools:

Straight to Hell (in Cleveland)

There’s a lot of wisdom in there.

Sunday, 23, January, 2011

I’m Just Sayin’

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3.16 is really good in the Book of John, but lousy at the gas pump. Even lousier when that’s the temperature in Farenheit.

Saturday, 22, January, 2011

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

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I’m rather a fan of the NPR show Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. The bias inherent on NPR is irritating, but bottom line, it’s funny. I find it particualrly amusing when Carl Kassel breaks up. My all-time favourite line up, though, consists of Roy Blount Jr., Paula Poundstone, and Mo Rocca. They just feed off of one another.

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