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Saturday, 28, November, 2009

@#*$&^?!! Christmas Songs

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I like Christmas carols. I like the quiet simplicity of Silent Night. The grandeur of Angels We Have Heard on High. The history behind Deo Gratias. I love the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols done by King’s College. Bates College did the same service, and put luminaria all over the paths in the quad–which made it look a little like an airport, but I digress.

Photo by Mikmor

It may be the onset of incipient curmudgeonliness, but I cannot stand the repetition of so-called “carols” that are not. Deck the Hall is OK, in small doses. Bing and Frank doing “The Christmas Song” also sets the stage for the season.

It is still November, however. could we please give them a rest? When there are still Thanksgiving leftovers, I don’t want to hear about Santa Claus is Coming to Town. And if Grandma gets Run Over by a Reindeer whilst Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Santa Baby, good bloody riddance.

I’d also like to hear the dreidel song, perhaps, for a little variety? Maybe a little Klezmer music? A nice snack of holiday hummous would be a Turkish Delight. (I don’t know of any winter songs from the Middle or Far east, that’s all I can come up with.


Company of Fools

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Many a truest word
has been spoken by the Jester
Standing against the tide
Is the noblest of gestures
It’s the little pearls of wisdom
That tumble from the light
That makes us laugh until we cry
Because we know that they are right
Within the strangest people
Truth can find the strangest home
So meet me in the village
Where all we idiots go

Bring on the Clowns
The Jokers and Buffoons
I’ve had the Time of my Life
And the Life of my Times
In the Company of Fools

I’m wading through the quicksand
In the gardens of the gentry
Blooming vacuity
Leaves mind and pockets empty
In the Social Order
I accept the bottom rung
Until the wine is pouring
And the Lord commands a song
Meet me at the staff door
When the posers all go home
We’ll gather with the other Fools
And put on a proper show

So here’s to the Poorest Poet
Who always pens the truth
Players Writers and Gypsies
The Minstrels and their tunes
I’d rather live an honest lifetime
With those with nothing to lose
Than waste a night
Knee deep in shite
That’s polished slick
To look just right
I’d rather live a lifetime in the
Company of Fools

Within the strangest people
Truth can find the strangest home
So meet me in the village
Where all we idiots go

Great Big Sea 2008

Friday, 27, November, 2009

Black Friday

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Evidently, the term “Black Friday” was coined by the Philadelphia Police Department, who had to contend with the general mess of Philly drivers and people going downtown to shop AND the Army-Navy game one year.

I used to enjoy going downtown Christmas shopping. On the rapid, down to Higbee’s in the Central Union Terminal. To the stamp counter on the fourth floor. Toys and fabric also on 4. The wooden escalators. The really odd gift shop on the sixth floor. Lunch at the Silver Grille. Across the street to May’s. They were you went to get underwear. Morrow’s Nut House putting the scent of roasting nuts out on to Public Square. Going further afield, Halle’s, with the Geranium room and the seventh floor toyland. Wandering through the Old Arcade on the way back–and needing to stop for a snack, as it had been a long day. I always wanted an office in the Arcade when I grew up.

Halle’s, May’s and Higbee’s are no more. The Arcade is a Hyatt hotel. I saw people camping out in front of a Best Buy at 1900 hours last night. I really did not understand why. This Friday, I’ve got a cat and tea and an Andrew Vachss book–and I’m warm and indoors. For my holiday shopping needs, I’ve already been to Loganberry Books and the Potters of Halcyon. You can see their stuff (with amazing posthumous testimonials) on their blog, and the potters have an Etsy site as well. You can shop and never leave your ischeal tuberosities. That is very useful in these busy times.

Sappy Cat Blogging

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It is Friday, time for our regular feature of Sappy Cat Blogging!

Wednesday, 25, November, 2009


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Happy Harvest to those who turn the soil, who turn the crops, and who hopefully turn a profit. For the rest of us, let us appreciate what we have and recognize that we are blessed.
Here are a few of mine:

1. A good family, who is supportive and
2. Good friends, ones who will bring me rifles, or shovels
depending on my need
3. Useful work, that pays a good salary and provides for
4. Good food for my table and
5. Interesting things to do and study and learn
6. My cats, who give me love in their own furry way
7. A solid roof over my head protected by
8. Good men and women here at home and in the uttermost parts of
the world who secure
9. That shining city upon the hill.

For this and all His mercies may I be truly grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

A Hard Day’s Night

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Graduate School #36

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The University closed at noon. I decided to sleep in, and then go out shopping on Larchmere and to dinner.

Monday, 23, November, 2009

Graduate School #35

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More Cleveland Crime. Burning rivers and fusobacterium necrophorum

Friday, 20, November, 2009

Sappy Cat Blogging

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It’s Friday, so it is time for SAPPY CAT BLOGGING! Today, Tinker the Wonder Cat!

What’s Your Exchange?

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The Retrotechnologist has a nice essay on telephone exchanges. The two-letters that used to designate the switchboard center where your call was handled. I still like to use the exchanges to figure out where calls originate, though with cell phones now, it is much more difficult. I’ve had my land line phone since 1948, and I have no intention of giving it up.

I haven’t found a list of all the exchanges in the Cleveland are, I’ve learned a couple of them:
LOngacre (56) FAirmount (32)
SKyline (75) GArfield (42)
SWeetbriar (79) TUxedo (88)
MOntrose (66) WEather (to get the weather report and time)

I take it back, there is a list HERE.

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