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Tuesday, 7, June, 2011

The Star Spangled Banner is Considered Inappropriate at Goshen College.

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Goshen College in Indiana is a Mennonite institution, and the National Anthem doesn’t jibe with it’s values.  As this is a matter of conscience, there’s not really much one can say.  I will point out though, that the freedom to act on one’s conscience was bought by the sacrifice of 610,000  in the Civil War; 116,708 Americans in 1917-1918, and 418,500 Americans from 1941-1945, among others.

Saturday, 12, March, 2011

I Really Think You Have Your Priorities Wrong

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Via Neputnus Lex, I come across THIS ARTICLE about the gang rape of an eleven year old girl in Cleveland, Texas. In the NYT article, a neighbor is quoted as saying “It’s just destroyed our community,” said Sheila Harrison, 48, a hospital worker who says she knows several of the defendants. “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.”

This runs into one of my pet peeves, what about the victim? Talk about someone who is going to have to live with this for the rest of her life. She was gang-raped. She is ELEVEN. The alleged attackers ranged in age from nineteen to twenty-seven. Another quote:

Residents in the neighborhood…said she dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s.

Oh, come on. This girl is too young to consent to this activity, full stop. The way she dresses and acts is irrelevant. Secondly, nineteen is old enough to know better, and any sexual activity between a nineteen year old and an eleven year old is predation. This was not youthful hijinks–these people need to be locked up.

Sunday, 23, January, 2011

I’m Just Sayin’

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3.16 is really good in the Book of John, but lousy at the gas pump. Even lousier when that’s the temperature in Farenheit.

Friday, 14, May, 2010

Yanno, I Really Couldn’t Say It Better Myself…

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So I’m going to point you in the directions of the smart folks who actually did say it. First, Blunt Object on Politicians as Moral Leadership

Secondly, Marko, and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell kerfuffle.

Finally, LabRat on Immigration. Living in Los Alamos, she has a whole lot more skin in the game than I do.

Saturday, 28, November, 2009

@#*$&^?!! Christmas Songs

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I like Christmas carols. I like the quiet simplicity of Silent Night. The grandeur of Angels We Have Heard on High. The history behind Deo Gratias. I love the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols done by King’s College. Bates College did the same service, and put luminaria all over the paths in the quad–which made it look a little like an airport, but I digress.

Photo by Mikmor

It may be the onset of incipient curmudgeonliness, but I cannot stand the repetition of so-called “carols” that are not. Deck the Hall is OK, in small doses. Bing and Frank doing “The Christmas Song” also sets the stage for the season.

It is still November, however. could we please give them a rest? When there are still Thanksgiving leftovers, I don’t want to hear about Santa Claus is Coming to Town. And if Grandma gets Run Over by a Reindeer whilst Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Santa Baby, good bloody riddance.

I’d also like to hear the dreidel song, perhaps, for a little variety? Maybe a little Klezmer music? A nice snack of holiday hummous would be a Turkish Delight. (I don’t know of any winter songs from the Middle or Far east, that’s all I can come up with.


Monday, 17, August, 2009

Good Doggie

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Via Marko and Cranky, I learn that Michael “Ookie” Vick has ressurected his professional football career.  Well, now.

He has paid his debt to society.  He did serve his time.  He can throw a football, and may be an asset to the team.  I do not know.  I do, however, question his character.  Both the fundamental lack of empathy involved in running a kennel of fighting dogs, and betting on it.  Should people in professional sports be involved in betting?

In one sense, who better to know the strengths and weaknesses of one team over another?  They literally have (pig)skin in the game.  On the other hand, they have an unprecidented chance to make money using those skills for evil.  This is not fair to the run-of-the-mill bettor.  On the third hand the only thing fair to the run of the mill bettor would be to go and read a good book instead of making book.

Finally, Michael Vick was willing to take dogs and make them suffer and die for his own profit.  Though he has “paid his debt to society”, I’m not sure that that poor character ever goes away completely.  I would prefer not to speak or associate with Mr. Vick.  Perhaps providing him with a livelihood is a good business decision for the Eagles.  Outside of business, a good dose of  ostracism is in order.

Sunday, 7, June, 2009

Overheard Today During Cleaning

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“So, where should I put the rain gauge?”

“Outside, I think.”

Yeah. That’s real helpful that is.

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