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Tuesday, 25, January, 2011


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From the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Burt Likko’s essay on Classe in American society. While American society is not as stratified as the British society that Nancy Mitford broke into U and non-U, differences do exist. When time was (grade 7) I was taught that class wasn’t just about money, it was money and occupation and hobbies and sports and disability and race and religion and a whole host of other factors (come to think of it, this was probably about the time that the book Likko references was published.


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  1. Money CANNOT buy class… as we all see in the media, but this does an excellent job of breaking down the ‘classes’ in American society. The part he doesn’t (to me) cover well is the influence of education across the ‘classes’.

    Comment by Old NFO — Wednesday, 26, January, 2011 @ 08:30 | Reply

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