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Saturday, 13, November, 2010

So There I Was

Filed under: Natural History — williamthecoroner @ 16:18

Driving along Green Road, and a very large hornet’s nest in the leafless tree catches my eye. It’s big, and awfully brown. And then it flapped twice, and I realized it wasn’t a hornet’s nest, but a red-tail hawk, who was eating a fox squirrel. There was a very brave other squirrel lower down on the trunk, giving the bird the…well…the bird. Brave, but stupid.

Wasn’t expecting to see that in the middle of the city.


  1. Last time I was in Portland I saw a peregrine nail a pigeon over Burnside.

    Comment by Bob — Sunday, 14, November, 2010 @ 08:14 | Reply

  2. Peregrine falcons were pigeon hunting outside of the med school and the rainbow garage a few weeks back. It was quite fun.

    Comment by Anatomy Tutor — Tuesday, 16, November, 2010 @ 01:42 | Reply

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