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Sunday, 25, April, 2010

Good Heavens

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Chrissy is dead.  She got T-boned by a white minivan, and the passenger side doors no longer work.  As her frame is also probably bent; and as this is Ohio which salts the roads like popcorn, the costs of repairs are more than the cost of the car.  Pity.  I like not having a car payment.

My insurance will provide a rental until I get a new one.  This weekend, all the cars were out of the lot.  No rentals to be had…except for a 15 place Econoline van, or a Dodge 1500 Ram pickup with a crew cab.  I’m driving the pickup.  I have this sudden urge to get a baseball cap.  I have an even stronger urge to paint a home port on the tailgate.  I am going to eschew TruckNutz, however.  I feel manly enough without them.

Tuesday, 20, April, 2010

Breaking News

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I have new trousers.
That is all.

Sunday, 11, April, 2010

He’s Really, Most Sincerely Dead

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The munchkin coroner, Meinhardt Raabe, died on Friday at age 94, from TMB*.

I just had to mention this.

*TMB = Too Many Birthdays

Sunday, 4, April, 2010

He Is Risen

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Sunday, 14, March, 2010

Who are the Good Guys

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It is easy to distinguish them.

Pi Day

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Again, it’s 3.14!  And in honour of all things round and pastry like (and Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, even though I’m a little late) , I’m making a bacon and leek pie.  Frankly, today seems a really good day to sleep near a radiator with a cat–I HATE the onset of Daylight Saving’s Time.  Give me back my hour, dammit!

Friday, 12, March, 2010

Sappy Cat Blogging

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for SAPPY CAT BLOGGING!  Here, one can entertain your kitty with his OWN…pet…observatory…aquarium…?


I know mine spend an awful lot of time watching the bird feeder.

Monday, 8, March, 2010

Winter’s First Green is Gold

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It was one of those days to-day.  I had to go back to the house two times, once to make sure the kettle was turned off, once to get my wallet, unfortunately that was AFTER I’d eaten breakfast at Shays…

But it is NICE.  Windows down, buds on the trees.  The huge piles of snow are pretending to be glaciers and calving as they melt from the piles.

Appropriately enough, there was a program on NPR about glaciation and the shaping of the NE Ohio landscape this morning.

Wednesday, 16, December, 2009


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Please, go thou to All Atwitter and vote for my haiku. The subject this week is BUSY.


I have much to do
That I cannot get up and do
Cat sleeps on my lap

Sunday, 25, October, 2009

Graduate Class #22

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Rape and sexually related deaths.  One of the more depressing lectures.

Kinds of rape, Groth’s  typology of rapists, how to do a rape kit.

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