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Tuesday, 5, October, 2010

Protective Effects of Corsets in Victorian England

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Hat tip, Word. For all the discomforts of tight lacing, sometimes it was worth it. The story is HERE.

Monday, 13, September, 2010


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Today, we explored tattoos and the wonderful world of forensics.  From the history of tattoos, how they are produced, to the (really more interesting ) psychological and sociological aspects of tattoos.  Why some tattoos are ill-advised.  Why you should not net the name of anyone except your child as a tattoo.  Just ask Johnny Depp.  What tattoos are malignant signs–and why you should never get something put on your body that you cannot read yourself.

And then, of course, there is always the T-T ratio!

Wednesday, 8, September, 2010


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Tuesday, 3, August, 2010

Why Did They Do This Study Again?

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Public Release: 3-Aug-2010
Journal of American College of Surgeons
Smoking, nipple piercing are risk factors for developing breast abscesses

Women who smoke or pierce their nipples are more likely to develop a breast abscess, according to a new study in the July issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Researchers at the University of Iowa found the odds of developing primary breast abscess were six times higher in smokers than in nonsmokers, and smokers were 11 times more likely to develop subareolar abscess.

Now, were they smoking while they were having their nipples pierced? That’s poor technique, right there, you betcha.

Hat tip, Lili.

Wednesday, 17, March, 2010

Adventures in Body Modification

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One of my forensic interests is body modification.  It is interesting to see how people modify/adorn their bodies, and why.  I think some modifications can give you useful information.  Amongst many Central and South American immigrants who live on Cleveland’s near west side, girls get their ears pierced very early.  Some show up to their six week post-partum check with pierced ears.

Tattooing a one year old, however, is not accepted in Ohio, as THIS PERSON found out.  Hat tip, Strings.

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