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Monday, 1, August, 2011

Kandahar Hospital

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A five part series, H/t LEX. Go READ.

Monday, 21, February, 2011

Quilts for Soldiers

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It was started by a Maryland quilt guild. The quilters wanted to provide a quilt for every wounded service member coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. There were more soldiers than quilters, and the project expanded. It is now called Quilts of Valor. Anne Bonney has made one, here it is at the Lake Farmpark Quilt Show.
Here is a photo of the interior of a C-17 Globemaster returning with the servicemen and the quilts.

Further photo and story HERE.

Tuesday, 4, January, 2011

Humor in the Merck Manual

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You don’t often find comedy in medical textbooks. But every once in a while something…rises to the surface. Like this little “Sidebar of Flatulence” from the Merck Manual on the subject of Digestive Disorders. This was recently brought to my attention, it put me on the floor, and I present it to you:

Flatulence, which can cause great psychosocial distress, is unofficially described according to its salient characteristics: (1) the “slider” (crowded elevator type), which is released slowly and noiselessly, sometimes with devastating effect; (2) the open sphincter, or “pooh” type, which is said to be of higher temperature and more aromatic; (3) the staccato or drumbeat type, pleasantly passed in privacy; and (4) the “bark” type (described in a personal communication) is characterized by a sharp exclamatory eruption that effectively interrupts (and often concludes) conversation. Aromaticity is not a prominent feature. Rarely, this usually distressing symptom has been turned to advantage, as with a Frenchman referred to as “Le Petomane,” who became affluent as an effluent performer who played tunes with the gas from his rectum on the Moulin Rouge stage.

Like I said, if it weren’t for bad taste I’d have no taste at all.

Tuesday, 2, February, 2010


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I’m having my papers updated.  Will, durable power of attorney, durable power of attorney for health care, the lot.  One of the things I learned early as a forensic person is death comes when you least expect it.  “Because I could not stop for death, he  kindly stopped for me…” and all that.  There you are, minding your own business, crossing Euclid Avenue and my goodness, where did that semi come from?

The will was easy, it’s the durable power of attorneys that made me pause.  And I chose a lot of simple options.  I could, for example, have made the cats beneficiaries, or set up a pet trust, or something.  The simplest was to mention them to my executor, and tell him to make sure they’re housed and fed.  He’s a cat guy, that’s not a worry.

But the durable power of attorney for health care, that’s kind of a poser.  I have spoken to mine, and he knows my values, and my take on medical futility.  I trust him to carry out my wishes.  This story in the NYT was apropos.  The daughter carried out her father’s wishes.  He made them known at the time of admission.  The key quote is here:

I suppose my father’s decision was a mistake. But it was his mistake to make, not mine. My role was to support my father, no matter what, and to tell the truth, no matter how hard.

It’s not easy sometimes.

By the way, if anyone can put me in touch with an Ohio  attorney that is experienced in creating a firearms trust that’ll keep ATF happy, drop me a line in the comments.

Thursday, 5, November, 2009

Dental School #4

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Myocardial heart disease. Myocarditis, cardiomyopathies.

Pericardial heart disease and tumors of the heart.


I must say, the dental students are quite cheerful and helpful
Image from the pathguy

Monday, 4, May, 2009

Swine Flu

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The last word.

Sunday, 26, April, 2009

Fr. Frank X. Klamet M.D.

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Frank X. Klamet 1952-2009 died of his heart condition last Sunday.  The obit is HERE. Frank and I were residents together.  I was his go-to guy for lab stuff, and he was my go-to guy for clinical information.  I knew heart disease ran in his family, but that didn’t slow him down.

Frank liked his work, and I always admired how he balanced his duties as a priest and as a physician.  He was very careful about what he did, and I knew it was difficult, but he was always very responsible.  He spent his last years doing high-risk OB in an underserved area in Southern Ohio, and teaching CWRU students.  There were no other doctors who were willing or able to practice in such a high-risk practice.  He joked that he was able to do it because “Amongst my weapons…” which I certainly wasn’t expecting.

He said he always said a Thanksgiving mass after every delivery.  I last saw him at a medical school graduation.  He was one of the good guys.

Sunday, 5, April, 2009

Via Nurse K

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We find the Tales From The Serenity Now Hospital Blog. Go read.

Their post on The House of God was bang on.

So was their post about Dying During Sexual activity.

In my career, I’ve seen that a couple of times.

I always think of the limerick about the young man from Gwent.

Thursday, 3, July, 2008

Body Modification Round Up

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It is time to revise my body modification talk.  I’m lucky in that I have people on the lookout and sending me things from all sorts of sources.
From Salome, here’s a load of regrettable tattoos.  The dolphin with bong is spectacularly bad.

From Heather, the misuse of Chinese characters.

From Robbubba, ear today, and still ear tomorrow.

Finally, from Rethoryke, this definitely unsafe for work one and here’s the polar opposite (some folks are NEVER happy).  I saw many ads for this procedure in L.A., but it’s not really mentioned in the Midwest.  Folks from California seem to be pickier.

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