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Wednesday, 27, July, 2011

He Got Better…Again

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A man was declared dead, was taken to a private morgue, and woke up screaming. Morgue personnel were afraid to let him out, because they thought he was a ghost. The story is HERE.

Yanno, the jokes just write themselves. Personally, I’m worried about a private morgue. I mean, I’m libertarian and all, but that’s a bit much. I’m also glad that the coolers I work around have sliding drawers that LOCK.

Monday, 25, July, 2011

Not A Good Idea

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Cocaine, cut with a powerful veterinary medicine, is causing skin necrosis. (Of course, there is no real difference between veterinary medicines and people medicines, other than price and you can use things on animals that you can’t use on humans. But, really, buying drugs from a guy whose middle name is “the” is a bad idea.

So is Smoking potpourri.

It always amazes me what lengths people will go to to get high.

Sunday, 24, July, 2011

He Got Better

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A review of the Boston Medical Examiner’s Office. Read the review HERE. Nice that he liked the accommodations, most folks don’t.

Hat tip, _heather.

Sunday, 10, July, 2011

Hit By Train

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A man was hit by a train in Lakewood last evening. As the tracks run right through the town, this isn’t a surprise. What’s surprising is that his injuries “Weren’t life threatening.” Hmmmm.

Wednesday, 6, July, 2011

Casey Anthony

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I haven’t been following this case closely, because I don’t really care.  At the end of the day, though, do please remember what John Adams said, “”It is far better to let 10 guilty men go free than to send one innocent man to prison”.  The Lawyer With A Gun has some excellent thoughts on the subject .

Wednesday, 22, June, 2011

Heroin Mixed With Strychnine

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Has been seen in upstate New York.  Wonderful.

Monday, 20, June, 2011

Genus, species

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When assaulting someone with roadkill, it’s important to know what kind of dead animal you’re using.  Story HERE.

Made me think of this:

Thursday, 16, June, 2011

Exhumation To Retrieve Possible DNA Evidence

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An unidentified, decomposed woman was found strangled in cistern on 21 April, 1981. She was later buried, but will be unearthed for a forensic odontologic, anthropologic, and DNA exam. Story HERE.

Wednesday, 15, June, 2011

Deaths In Tudor England

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The Showtime series The Tudors was quite popular, if historically incorrect. But what’s not to like about Tudor England. You got intrigue, politics, modern realpolitik and belief in witchcraft, Shakesperean language and great clothes.

Of course, there’s more than just what makes good TV. And life outside of the halls of power was quite different than in it. What else is new? But the Tudors were good at administration, and kept records, the need to to keep a handle on everything that was going on. A scholar at Oxford has been looking at coroner’s reports from the Tudor period. There were deaths from things that don’t happen today. Story HERE.

My personal favourites are Killed by a bear, the fellow who shot himself in the head with a bow and arrow, and death by maypole. You gotta watch out for them maypoles.

Hat tip, Lili

Thursday, 9, June, 2011

Safety Forced.

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I probably shouldn’t find this funny, but, so help me, I do.  I was recently reading an autopsy report of a suicide.  Elderly white woman, found dead at home, with a single submental (under the chin) gunshot wound from a .38.  Left a suicide note, had chronic health problems, no family, etc., etc.

The thing is, she was wearing ear protectors.  Shooting muffs, to prevent the sound of the gunshot from damaging her hearing. Now, I’m all for safety, but I just don’t see the point, here. And I think it’s hysterically funny.

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