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Thursday, 12, May, 2011

Chief John Hanna, USN

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According to Matt, Chief Hanna was well known, and kept himself to himself. More information can be found at the Ravings of A Feral Genius.   Go read it.  It made me cry. But the Feral Genius has a point, which she makes in the addendum to her post:

Thoreau at Unqualified Offerings suggests making donations to I Am My Brother’s Keeper, the homeless shelter where John spent his last months before going into the hospital.

ADDITIONAL ADDENDUM: It’s also worth considering a small donation to Joseph Norris, the funeral home operator who donated the coffin, took care of J-sub’s body and notified the reporter; without him, none of us might ever have known for certain what happened to our friend. Norris is a small business owner, and I doubt he’s rich enough for such to be mere pocket-change expenses for him.

Joseph Norris
Gates of Heaven Funeral Home
4412 Livernois Avenue
Detroit, MI 48210
(313) 894-2427

Tuesday, 19, January, 2010

Aw Crap! I wasn’t Finished.

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Robert B. Parker is dead. 1932-2010. According to reports, he died peacefully at work at his desk at the age of 77, today. According to the author’s site:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Parker attended Colby College in Maine, served with the Army in Korea, and then completed a Ph.D. in English at Boston University. He married his wife Joan in 1956; they raised two sons, David and Daniel. Together the Parkers founded Pearl Productions, a Boston-based independent film company named after their short-haired pointer, Pearl, who has also been featured in many of Parker’s novels. He and Joan live in the Boston area.

I first became familiar with his work when I worked dispatch, and Josie and Kathy and I would watch the short-lived A Man Called Hawk while working security. The first book of his I read was Crimson Joy, that year at college, and then I worked my way through them. Of his Spenser novels, some are classics that can be read and re-read, like Early Autumn, Ceremony, or Cold Service. Some, like Pale Kings and Princes are only worth reading once. I’ve gotten good receipts from his books, and some good restaurant recommendations.

In his later years, Parker branched out, with new characters, and new genres, like novels and westerns. They’re all worth a read, at least once. I own most of what he wrote after Ceremony in hardcover, and I’ve got a copy of The Godwulf Manuscript. I just need the early ones in hardcover, and those are hard to get*.

I like Parker. I like his philosophy of autonomy, of self-reliance, of doing right in a world that is cynical and uncaring. Of being pure of heart, and having ideals, and knowing you’ll fall short and trying anyway. I always wanted to write a Spenser cookbook, well, now there’s an end to the canon. If I don’t do it, someone else will.

*The Judas Goat, A Savage Place, Early Autumn, Looking for Rachel Wallace, Promised Land, Mortal Stakes, God Save the Child. If anyone knows of where I can get them in hardback, drop me a line, please.

Sunday, 13, December, 2009

A Bleg

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I have reached the limits of my Google-fu.  I’m looking for a photo of one of the evil henchmen from the Adam West Batman movie (1966), to duplicate the costume.  I’ve always wanted henchmen…ANYway.

As I recall it, there was a grey or black flat cap, black cloth eyemask, black and white horizontally striped shirt with the word “henchman” written on it, black pleated trousers and black shoes (that looked like jazz shoes).  Or I’m making things up.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, please do it in the comments.

Canonical Food Redux

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Via Dan on Facebook, I find that Mr. Brisket is sending salamis and Stadium mustard to Clevelanders (and other hungry folks) in Kandahar.  The information is hereOr you can call them at 216-932-8620.  The goal is 100 salamis by January 2010, but I believe they’re over 200.  Corporal Klinger would approve.

Tuesday, 1, December, 2009

‘Tis The Season

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One of the nice things of having a job is the ability to get stuff you want.  Of course, I do have expensive tastes and finite funds.  I can’t get everything I want.  (and if Santa wants to put an F4AU on my front lawn, I surely would not complain).  But seriously, I’m really quite blessed in what I have and I’m well aware that there are many folks in the world who are worse off than me.

For many years, I’ve been a big supporter of Heifer InternationalOriginally founded in response to the devastation in Europe after World War II, this charity give agricultural animals, supplies, and support to people in need.  The catch is, and I really like this, is the recipient is bound to pass on the gift to others in the community.  Animals reproduce, after all, so one can pass on their offspring and create a chain reaction of giving.

One can fund projects as large as a reforestation effort or as small as a clutch of eggs.  I’m putting my money towards this project this year, and for most of the holiday giving I’ll be baking.  I urge you to pass along your gifts at this time of year, in the manner of your choosing.

If you want to go in with me on a Heifer gift, drop me a line in comments.

Friday, 27, November, 2009

Black Friday

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Evidently, the term “Black Friday” was coined by the Philadelphia Police Department, who had to contend with the general mess of Philly drivers and people going downtown to shop AND the Army-Navy game one year.

I used to enjoy going downtown Christmas shopping. On the rapid, down to Higbee’s in the Central Union Terminal. To the stamp counter on the fourth floor. Toys and fabric also on 4. The wooden escalators. The really odd gift shop on the sixth floor. Lunch at the Silver Grille. Across the street to May’s. They were you went to get underwear. Morrow’s Nut House putting the scent of roasting nuts out on to Public Square. Going further afield, Halle’s, with the Geranium room and the seventh floor toyland. Wandering through the Old Arcade on the way back–and needing to stop for a snack, as it had been a long day. I always wanted an office in the Arcade when I grew up.

Halle’s, May’s and Higbee’s are no more. The Arcade is a Hyatt hotel. I saw people camping out in front of a Best Buy at 1900 hours last night. I really did not understand why. This Friday, I’ve got a cat and tea and an Andrew Vachss book–and I’m warm and indoors. For my holiday shopping needs, I’ve already been to Loganberry Books and the Potters of Halcyon. You can see their stuff (with amazing posthumous testimonials) on their blog, and the potters have an Etsy site as well. You can shop and never leave your ischeal tuberosities. That is very useful in these busy times.

Tuesday, 28, July, 2009

A Food Bleg

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Oh, wise and worldly readers–have any good restaurant recommendations for Columbus, Ohio?  I recently had a meal at a brewpub there that was quite good.  And I’d be really happy if I could remember the name of it.  But I can’t, more’s the pity.  I avoid national chains like the plague.  I’m looking for some place with good food, and the chance for some decent conversation.  Brewpubs are nice, German food is good (though I’ll bet German Village will be jammed on a weekend evening) French, Italian, something like that.  I have no personal objections to Asian, but I don’t think the evening will go that way.

And if you could help me remember the place I went to, that was near the university and some sort of West Side Market analogue, I’d be quite grateful.  C’mon hippocampus, work with me.

Wednesday, 4, March, 2009

A bleg

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Would anyone out there in know where I could get a small (say 15 cm) inexpensive (under 15 dollars) model of a whaleboat?  Or a rowboat? Preferably plastic, as it will come in contact with food.

I know, I know, JFGI.  I did.  There are plenty of really lovely 1/16th or larger scale wooden models of whaleboats.  But I don’t want to build one, and I don’t want a wooden one, and I really don’t feel like spending $150.00 on a gimmick.

I’m open to ideas.

Thursday, 30, October, 2008

A Bleg

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According to Strategypage, the Greek Cypriot national guard is selling off some old mil-surp stuff, including Mk IV Lee-Enfields and Mk-III STENs.  If anyone knows how to lay hands on them, please let me know in the comments.

Sunday, 6, July, 2008

A Bleg

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A nice, well meaning person recently gave me an Uncle Mike’s size 15 8915-1 synthetic holster for 3 1/2-4″ barrel large automatic pistols and a right-handed individual.  Unhappily, my 1911 is a full sized one.  So:

1.  Can anybody use this one?  It’s new, but I can’t return it, I don’t know where it came from.

2. Anybody got a good reccomendation for a holster for a full-sized 1911?

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