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Monday, 24, October, 2011

Graduate School–Environmental Issues

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What Environmental things cam lead to cancer?

I. Introduction
Chemical and environmental hazards

II. Heat
A. Summer
Heat and Humidity
Compromised individuals
1. Children
2. Elderly
a. Don’t drink
3. Breathing disorders
4. Maine nursing homes
5. W. Jones, Atlanta GA, 115.7 F. Endothelal damage, DIC, shock

B. Microenvironment
1. Automobiles

C. Bodies attain temperature of the environment
Be careful with a body in a 120 deg. car.

III. Cold
A. Conditions
1. Not confined to outdoors
2. Aged, infirm, young
3. 50’s, draughts, damp clothing,
4. Depression, hypothyroidism

B Temperatures
1. 37-32 feeling cold
2. 32-24 LOC, bradycardia, hypotension
3. record 60.8F

C. Frostbite
1. First degree—cold erythema
2. Second degree—blisters
3. Third degree—freeezing gangrene

C. Autopsy findings
1. Pinkness of livor
2. Gastric ulcers
3. Pancreatitis
4. Strips of hemorrhageing in iliopsoas
5. Acetonemia

D. Paradoxical undressing
1. Hide and die

IV. Starvation
A. Elderly, Infirm, Young
1. People who can’t take care of themselves
2. Dependency is bad
3. Children aren’t small adults
a. They have different nutritional needs.
b. No one-size fits all diet
i. Vegan cat
ii. Elderly tea-and-toast
iii. Headache in 8-year-old

B. Bottom line
1. 1500-2000 calories to maintain weight
2. 40% weight loss life threatening
3. 50-60 days no food BUT with water
4. 10 days without water

C. Conditions
1. “Failure to thrive”
a. Poor feeding
b. Depression (adults)
c. Dementia
2. Situation
a. At home vs. in institution

D. R/o Natural disease

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