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Saturday, 8, October, 2011

Separated By A Common Language

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One word, so many meanings.

Secure. In the Navy, it means to stop what you’re doing and tidy up. Or, as the Earth-Bound Misfit put it.

In the Navy, “to secure a building” meant to sweep down the halls, empty the trash, turn out the lights and lock the doors. To the Army, “secure the building” meant to post a guard at the front door. To the Marines, “secure the building” meant to attack the building, blow a hole in the side, go in and kill or capture everyone inside. To the Air Force, “secure a building” meant to negotiate and sign a lease for the building.

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  1. Don’t forget “Police” In the Army police the area meant clean up everything, one of my Marine friends said that to “Police” in the USMC means to check the area for IED’s, UXO’s and other assorted errata.

    Comment by Mark — Monday, 10, October, 2011 @ 22:31 | Reply

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