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Thursday, 22, September, 2011

Troy Davis

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The Liberty Papers has a very good essay on the Troy Davis kefuffle in Georgia. Go thou and READ.

Happy Fall!

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http://youtu.be/WA751Rf-9dI Cheryl Wheeler in concert.

When Fall Comes To New England
Words And Music By:
Cheryl Wheeler

When fall comes to New England
The sun slants in so fine
And the air’s so clear
You can almost hear the grapes grow on the vine

The nights are sharp with starlight
And the days are cool and clean
And in the blue sky overhead
The northern geese fly south instead
And leaves are Irish Setter red
When fall comes to New England

When fall comes to New England
And the wind blows off the sea
Swallows fly in a perfect sky
And the world was meant to be

When the acorns line the walkways
Then winter can’t be far
From yellow leaves a blue jay calls
Grandmothers Walk Out In Their Shawl
And Chipmunks Run The Old Stone Walls
When fall comes to New England

The frost is on the pumpkin
The squash is off the vine
And winter warnings race across the sky
The squirrels are on to something
And they’re working overtime
The foxes blink and stare and so do I

‘Cause when fall comes to New England
Oh I can’t turn away
From fading light on flying wings
And late good-byes a robin sings
And then another thousand things
When fall comes to New England

When fall comes to New England

Wednesday, 21, September, 2011

Knife Meme

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As played by Breda, and Tam, and OldNFO, and me. An Opinel #7 knife. Only four parts, total; two of whom move. Carbon steel, simple, and sharp. For the knifeless man is a helpless man, and bugger that.

Tuesday, 20, September, 2011

Speaking of Tattoos

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Unknown CASEVAC, but I think it speaks for itself.

Histology #7

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Bone marrow, with clinical correlations for aplastic anemia and bone marrow transplant. Fat. Not a lot to say about fat, but we filled the time. Continuing failure of the )($$%)#(&%$() projection microscope, even the student who can make it sing had trouble.

Answered a lot of questions about medical school admissions and drugs.

Graduate School #7 Tattoos

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The history of tattoos. Malignant ones vs. benign ones. The most common tattoo in the world is still Mom.

The various styles and kinds of tattoos, and some tattoo rules (#1 never get a name tattoo unless it’s your child. #2 never get a facial tattoo. #3 don’t get a tattoo in Chinese or Kanji unless you can actually READ Chinese or Kanji. Otherwise you risk getting the Chinese ideogram for “dumbass” tattooed on your skin.

Monday, 19, September, 2011

19th September, 2011

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrr, two oferrings fer ye, me hearties!


Friday, 16, September, 2011

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As the Toledo Museum of Art has let me know, today is the 4ooth aniversarry of the publishing of the King James Bible. It is the edition I prefer the most, I like the poetry. And yes, it is harder to read than the more modern texts, but not as hard as, say, O-chem.

So Openminded Their Brains Fell Out–With Futher Thoughts

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Though I get a lot of work from attorneys, and I greatly appreciate it and I would like more of it, thankyouverymuch, there is one thing that worries me. For prosecutors, I perceive an attitude that the defendants are not just guilty, they are INCREDIBLY guilty. Not all, but the attitude exists. The defenders, on the other hand, tend to run toward the other extreme, and forgive or tolerate some really heinous behaviour. That is illustrated by the comments from this judge, quoted by Mark Steyn.

I think a valid question that needs to be solved by consensus is “When does life begin?”–or, at least, when do “pre-persons” (Thanks, Philip K Dick)(i.e. fetuses) gain the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? In a country with the death penalty with due process, I find it logically inconsistent to argue against abortion. When and where do the rights of the baby (insert synonyms here) trump the rights of the mother. After all, pregnancy is not a risk-free process, and can kill the mother.

On the other hand, I find it really, really annoying when pro-abortion folks say thinks like “you want to FORCE me to give BIRTH!!!) No-oo. I frankly think people who are willing to kill innocents shouldn’t give birth at all, ever, but that’s really not the issue. I feel people who don’t wish to get pregnant should use all possible means (condoms, spermacide, GnRH inhibitors, hormonal therapy, IUD, to forestall pregnancy. Considering how many pregnancies miscarry in the first trimester, I really can’t get too upset about first trimester abortion, (over 50%) nor do I have a problem with preventing implantation of the fertilized ovum.

Sappy Cat Blogging

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Hat tip, Liza

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