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Thursday, 1, September, 2011

Histology #2

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I. Introduction
A. Tissue preparation
1. H&E
2. Immunostaining
B. Artifacts
C. Special stains
1 .Trichromie
2. PAS
3. DNA sequences—FISH, etc.
D. 2—D projection of 3—D structure

II. Cell
A. Membrane-bound organelles
1. Cell membrane
a. Transport
b. diffusion, facilitated diffusion, pinocytosis, endocytosis
2. Nucleus
3. Lysosomes
5. Golgi
6. Mitochondria

B. Non-membrane bound organelles
1. Cytoskeleton
2. Microtubules—tubulin
3. Actin/myosin
4. Intermediate filaments—vimentin

D. Extra-cellular matrix
1. Collagen
2. GAGs

III. Embryology and Nomenclature
A. Embryology
B. Nomenclature
1. -plasia (suffix)
a. growth
b. neoplasias—new growth
c. dysplasia—strange growth
2. -oma (suffix)
a. mass
b. hamartomas—normal tissue out of place
c. carcinoma—transformed epithelium
d. sarcoma—transformed connective tissue
3. epithelia
a. Lining, barrier tissue
b. epithelium, mesothelium, endothelium
c. descriptors
1) simple vs. stratified
2) cuboidal, glandular, columnar, squamous


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