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Tuesday, 30, August, 2011

HIstology #1

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Having lost a fight with the copy machine (it’s a clever bugger) I made it to class. Went through all the administrivia–pass out the syllabus, who am I, why are we here, all that rot. I manged to talk about Kohler illumination* how to focus the condenser, why one should not drop the microscope, ($1500 and north) or the slided ($25/pop, minimum) and why not to roll over slides with their chairs (yeah, I’ve done that). What are cells, what are stains, why to stains, stain things. The very basicss.

Was slightly disappointed in that the projecting microscope did not project, so I couldn’t demonstrate what I was talking about. And it makes it hard to do histology with not visual aids. But I think I needed tech help, which I did not have. So, after reaching the limits of MY abilities, I dismissed the class early. They can get their materials, and I will have everything set up the next time.


  1. If you have online access in your lecture hall, Shotgun Histology has some excellent videos. My biological electron microscopy professor used some of them during lecture.

    Comment by mitzimagpie — Monday, 5, September, 2011 @ 19:47 | Reply

  2. Whoa, sorry, I didn’t realize copying the link would actually post the video player in the comments.

    Comment by mitzimagpie — Monday, 5, September, 2011 @ 19:47 | Reply

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