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Monday, 1, August, 2011


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Made things more difficult for knights. See HERE. Although, I will point out that it worked well enough against the Turks (I wouldn’t have wanted to wear armor on crusade) and it did wonders as long as your opponent didn’t have anything better than a longbow.



  1. I would question their data, as they did NOT test with subjects that had grown up with armor and trained with it day in and day out for years… Much like the broadsword wielders, specific training changes a lot of aspects in human capability. Putting some pogues in armor and running them on a treadmill is just BS… My opinion

    Comment by Old NFO — Monday, 1, August, 2011 @ 18:32 | Reply

  2. Old NFO has a very valid point. I’ve had the impression that the fully-armored usually fought from horseback and only got off when they lost the animal and/or got where they were going. I don’t think the leaders made too many thousand-yard charges with fully-armored men on foot.

    Comment by John Gall — Thursday, 4, August, 2011 @ 11:49 | Reply

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