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Wednesday, 6, July, 2011

A Fine Rant

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From the Gormogons

Key Graf:

That’s about it. We are honorable people. We believe in helping the poor and less fortunate. But we also believe in earning your keep, and in keeping what we earn. We produce and give and fund the government, yet we get nothing back but disdain and scorn. We are not your ATM. We are not your indentured servants. You no talent ass clowns work for us, and don’t you forget it. We are sorry you elites are uncomfortable being asked what your value-add is. It must be discomfiting to realize you add little if anything of value to our society. Forgive us for not caring what someone who has never had to make payroll or lay off employees thinks about small business and the economy

Read the whole thing.


  1. Correction…a damn fine rant!

    Comment by didyouseethis — Thursday, 7, July, 2011 @ 22:24 | Reply

  2. “Forgive us for not caring what someone who has never had to make payroll or lay off employees thinks about small business and the economy”

    A passionate but ill-informed rant.

    This is someone who doesn’t realize that government offices do have to make payroll and lay off employees. This will be year 3 that our hard-working RNs down in the immunization and communicable diseases departments won’t get a raise. Methinks seems the ignorance is on both sides.

    Comment by Shay — Saturday, 9, July, 2011 @ 14:19 | Reply

    • I have also worked in government and private industry. The big difference is that government, via the printing press or gunpoint, can get money much, much more easily than a private industry. With things like asset forfeiture, fees for inspections, and being the only game in town, it IS different. I mean, what if the coroner’s office ran out of money before the end of the year, and just didn’t do autopsies or inspections or issue death certificates. Those are “essential public services” and the county commissioners will get the money from somewhere.

      Comment by williamthecoroner — Saturday, 9, July, 2011 @ 17:41

  3. Nice rant! 🙂

    Comment by Old NFO — Saturday, 9, July, 2011 @ 18:28 | Reply

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