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Friday, 3, June, 2011

Jack Kevorkian is Dead

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Not by his own hand, apparently.  He was also a pathologist, never published much (like I should talk) and I am not comfortable with his actions on assisted suicide; he appeared (to me) to be more self-aggrandizing than really interested in helping people not suffer.  But I can completely get behind this quote:

Kevorkian’s third stated mission was to convince Americans that their rights are being infringed upon by bans on everything from smoking to assisted suicide.

Yep.  I’m with you on that one.

Sappy Cat Blogging

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for SAPPY CAT BLOGGING!  Here’s Murphy in the window, watching the bird feeder.  Like the Nature Channel, but for cats.

Thursday, 2, June, 2011


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I just learned that one of my little studentlets was accepted into the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program.  So, she’s going to have her med school paid for (nothing to sneeze at, at 50K a year) and have some living expenses.  In return, it’s a three year active duty commitment after residency. Congrats!

Wednesday, 1, June, 2011

Bogie Cleans His Guns

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I  will point out that I would get crucified for cleaning my guns in the living room and not putting down a lot of newspapers.  He’s also got four single-action revolvers that I can’t identify, a 1911, a 1903 pocket hammerless, a Luger, what looks like a M1917 S&W, a Model 60 S&W, a 1908 pocket hammerless, and some sort of small-framed revolver with a white grip.

I assume the grips are either bone or ivory, as Bogart would be familiar with Patton’s rule.


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