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Wednesday, 15, June, 2011

Deaths In Tudor England

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The Showtime series The Tudors was quite popular, if historically incorrect. But what’s not to like about Tudor England. You got intrigue, politics, modern realpolitik and belief in witchcraft, Shakesperean language and great clothes.

Of course, there’s more than just what makes good TV. And life outside of the halls of power was quite different than in it. What else is new? But the Tudors were good at administration, and kept records, the need to to keep a handle on everything that was going on. A scholar at Oxford has been looking at coroner’s reports from the Tudor period. There were deaths from things that don’t happen today. Story HERE.

My personal favourites are Killed by a bear, the fellow who shot himself in the head with a bow and arrow, and death by maypole. You gotta watch out for them maypoles.

Hat tip, Lili

Sunday, 12, June, 2011

Do It, Already.

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Humans like charismatic leaders.  One like John F. Kennedy can inspire us to literally shoot for the moon.  Others, like Jim Jones can lead to horrible disasters.  It is not a good idea to look for a leader to inspire and take us to the promised land.  I frankly wish for more personal responsibility, and believe with all my heart that people should not use the power of the state to tell others what they should or should not do, be that smoke cigarettes or marry their beloved.

Over at Sharp As A Marble, Robb said it very well.

We need to stop letting these idiots who can’t even keep their privates off of the Internet run our country into the ground. We need to stop bending over with each new unconstitutional law they pass and start ignoring them. The key word there is WE, not some politician (and make no bones about it, Sarah Palin is still a politician) who will come in with a magic wand and make all the bad things go away. It’s that false belief in ‘Hope & Change’ that got us here today, and I’m not just talking about Obama.

YOU do it. Don’t want for someone else. That’s the problem.

Yeah. There is no savior, there is no justice, there is just us. I want personal responsibility, patriotism, civil liberties, and to be left alone. No-one is going to do it for me, and the first rule of organizations is to retain power.

Friday, 10, June, 2011

Sappy Cat Blogging

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for SAPPY CAT BLOGGING.  Tinker on a soft sofa

Thursday, 9, June, 2011

Safety Forced.

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I probably shouldn’t find this funny, but, so help me, I do.  I was recently reading an autopsy report of a suicide.  Elderly white woman, found dead at home, with a single submental (under the chin) gunshot wound from a .38.  Left a suicide note, had chronic health problems, no family, etc., etc.

The thing is, she was wearing ear protectors.  Shooting muffs, to prevent the sound of the gunshot from damaging her hearing. Now, I’m all for safety, but I just don’t see the point, here. And I think it’s hysterically funny.

Facebook Shenanigans, Again

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Facebook has installed facial recognition software on it’s site.  As usual, the default setting is “ON”.  The whole story is here.

I realize that trying to control one’s information on the net is like whistling in the wind, but there are photos of me on Facebook that I didn’t put up.  Now,  it is no secret that I was in Pirates of Penzance in college.  It’s also no secret that I looked funny in the ’80s.  EVERYONE looked funny in the ’80s.  Facebook should ASK, though

To turn it off, do this: (H/T, _heather)

*       First, go to your Facebook “Account” in the upper right-hand corner
of the page. Then click on “Privacy Settings.”
*       Next, click on “Customize settings.”
*       Then go to “Things others share.”
*       Beside the option titled “Suggest photos of me to friends. When
photos look like me, suggest my name,” click “Edit Settings.”
*       Click on “Edit settings.”
*       Then change it to “Disabled.”
*       Don’t forget to press “Okay.”

That Was Nice

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When I came into work this morning, I ran into my dean, and she held the door for me and we had a short chat about how hot the weather was and how bad Cleveland drivers can be.  This was in stark contrast to the previous dean, who usually ignored me (unless he wanted something), shut doors in my face, and tripped me once.  I really enjoy the difference.  This is much better.

Tuesday, 7, June, 2011

The Star Spangled Banner is Considered Inappropriate at Goshen College.

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Goshen College in Indiana is a Mennonite institution, and the National Anthem doesn’t jibe with it’s values.  As this is a matter of conscience, there’s not really much one can say.  I will point out though, that the freedom to act on one’s conscience was bought by the sacrifice of 610,000  in the Civil War; 116,708 Americans in 1917-1918, and 418,500 Americans from 1941-1945, among others.

Monday, 6, June, 2011


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On 6 June 1944, Allied forces landed in Normandy to open up a second front in the European theater.  Many, many men were killed that day, and deserve remembering.

Saturday, 4, June, 2011

In Celebration of Midway

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They turned the USF Constitution around, and fired a salute to the USS Carr in Boston Harbour Friday.



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Midway, the turning point in the Pacific war June 4-7 1942.

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