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Wednesday, 15, June, 2011

Deaths In Tudor England

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The Showtime series The Tudors was quite popular, if historically incorrect. But what’s not to like about Tudor England. You got intrigue, politics, modern realpolitik and belief in witchcraft, Shakesperean language and great clothes.

Of course, there’s more than just what makes good TV. And life outside of the halls of power was quite different than in it. What else is new? But the Tudors were good at administration, and kept records, the need to to keep a handle on everything that was going on. A scholar at Oxford has been looking at coroner’s reports from the Tudor period. There were deaths from things that don’t happen today. Story HERE.

My personal favourites are Killed by a bear, the fellow who shot himself in the head with a bow and arrow, and death by maypole. You gotta watch out for them maypoles.

Hat tip, Lili

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  1. Fascinating stuff. Reminds me that one of the greatest results of modern sanitation and personal cleanliness (and cars) is the elimination of the overwhelming stench that must have hung over cities.

    Every time I pass a dumpster I’m thankful for modern sewers.

    Comment by alan — Wednesday, 15, June, 2011 @ 11:44 | Reply

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