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Monday, 16, May, 2011

Move-Out Day

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Today is Move-out day.  The day after graduation when students, well, move out.  The dorms empty, to be cleaned/used for Summer programs/remodeled/whatever.  Several years ago, one of my patients woke up on Move-out day, went into the living room, grabbed a roommates’ hammer and knocked out the window that was next to the hedgehog cage.  My patient then jumped out.  The room was on the fifteenth floor.

Considering how long it took for facilities to get me a new office key (12 weeks) it was really, really amazing how quickly facilities could clean up (or destroy the evidentiary value, depends on how you look at it) a scene.  By the time the coroner’s team got there the window was still shattered and the hammer was on the floor, but the patient and any signs  had been power-washed away, and the concrete was completely dry.

We never figured out why the patient did it, the toxicology was all negative, the family was present and there was no note or other discernable reason for this action.  I think of it every time move-out day rolls around.

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