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Thursday, 12, May, 2011

Well, That’s Nice to Hear

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Ohio has joined the surrounding states in eliminating the provision that CCW holders can carry in Class D liquor establishments, like bars and restaurants.  This is the law in Pennsylvania (among other places) where I was recently at a 2nd Amendment function at a restaurant, with a bunch of folks who were open carrying).  It was a very tasty dinner, with a lot of admiring of holsters.

But no-one got shot, and very few of us were actually drinking.  It seems that a bunch of adult, well-mannered armed people exercised their second amendment rights and…nothing happened.  It would be nice if that could happen in my home state, I eat in a lot of bars and taverns.  Pub grub is good food.

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  1. We haven’t quite joined–although extremely similar bills have passed both houses, they were not quite identical so will have to be reconciled before going to the governor.

    Comment by Sevesteen — Friday, 13, May, 2011 @ 08:25 | Reply

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