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Friday, 11, February, 2011

So, There I Was

Filed under: Cleveland,Haterade,People who need pianos dropped on them — williamthecoroner @ 16:58

Sitting in traffic on a wicked cold day.  In front of me was a silver Prius, with the vanity plate “NOPEC” and a bumper sticker proudly informing that the car’s CO2 output had been taken up by  plantings somewhere.

I was able to notice these things because the smug git driving the Prius cut me off, and then double parked blocking traffic with the engine running to go into a Swillbucks.

I can certainly understand keeping the car idling, it was 9 degrees in the sun.  I think reforestation is a pretty good idea, and I’ all for buying land to be habitat and all that.

The combination of the smug-self-righteousness and the selfish driving made me want to take a fire axe to the vehicle.

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  1. Seriously a shame you didn’t have said fire axe on you …..

    Comment by julie — Monday, 14, February, 2011 @ 03:55 | Reply

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