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Sunday, 19, December, 2010

About Time

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The United States Senate repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. This was the proper result, by the proper process. The law was changed by the legislative branch, and not by the executive branch nor the legislative branch doing an end around. As a (small l) libertarian, and indeed a civil libertarian, I applaud this move.

Many complaints about the repeal of DADT involve living arrangements. I have lived in co-ed housing many times, and I have lived with men who slept with men. I have also dealt with the existence of co-ed bathroom facilities. This does not lead to a hotbed (and I use the term deliberately) of sexual activity. Too much exposure really decreases temptations. It is hard to feel romantic about someone who has just thrown up on your wingtips because she drank too much (Again, I speak from experience).

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  1. William, I stumbled on your blog and found substantive delight in a number of your observations ranging from cat-sappy Fridays to paying proper homage to the 1911(a1). But let me disagree with you on this one. Co-ed life in a dorm is not life at sea nor a foxhole. Coop up three hundred teens and twenty-somethings under high stress (say, five seconds from nuclear war and its your finger on the button in my case….) and no normal social interaction whatsoever for weeks on end and what you have is an incredible level of sexual tension woven through a dozen other communal dynamics. Inject the object of sexual desire into that mix, and its perilous–hence the resistance to women in certain situations. Compound that with the sexual attraction being one that is well outside what is considered normal and natural, and things can get worse than perilous.

    But the issue is really not just the wisdom of, in effect, putting one man into a woman’s dorm with no privacy for weeks on end. The issue is larger, and it runs flat out into your libertarian leanings. The prior DADT policy was in many ways a libertarian solution–it allowed homosexuals to serve. The new policy, if it ever comes into effect, requires new layers of government regulation to impose a specific moral standard on all so that a few will not be offended. I’d commend to you a short book, A Nation of Bastards by Douglas Farrow, who draws that theory out concisely, illustrating that forcing a normatively heterosexual species to act as though sexual distinctions are irrelevant can be done only through the force of extreme positive law. For the military, the end of DADT will not lead to “live and let live,” but rather, “affirm bisexual/homosexual behavior or get out; “conform to the moral standars of the left or be punished,” etc. Libertarian thought has much to commend it…but it is a perilous course when it accepts a leftist agenda under a mistaken notion of neturality….

    Comment by Ranger G — Wednesday, 19, January, 2011 @ 19:36 | Reply

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