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Thursday, 21, October, 2010

Tank Cars in Scrapyard

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Wednesday, 20, October, 2010

Graduate School #17

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Ethanol is involved in a lot of forensic work. I have had patients who were DWI, WWI, BWI, BWI, FWI, and LWI. Then, of course, there are the people who are FWI, not to mention WWI*. The man who was mooning the train, though, is the exemplar of why people should not drink too much.

Respectively, these are Driving While Intoxicated, Walking While Intoxicated, Biking While Intoxicated, Boating While Intoxicated, Flying While Intoxicated, Lawnmowing While Intoxicated. The odd vehicles happen when people are not allowed to drive, but they still have to get to the bar somehow, after all. Fighting While Intoxicated is common, but so, unhappily is Working While Intoxicated.

Hic.Lecture 23 Ethanol

Tuesday, 19, October, 2010

Dental School-I & II

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Vascular Pathology I; Vascular Pathology II.
Vascular Pathology I

Vascular Pathology II
QOTD “You ARE going to post these lectures aren’t you?”

WtC “I’m sure you meant, ‘Professor, will you please make sure these lectures are posted online for us?’ That is a polite comment that engenders the response ‘Sure!’ Saying ‘You ARE going to post these lectures, aren’t you?’ in a hard tone is a really disrespectful command, and is going to be answered ‘Of course not.’ You want to try to rephrase that?”


Friday, 15, October, 2010

Sappy Cat Blogging

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for SAPPY CAT BLOGGING. 16th October is National Feral Cat Day. Some cats don’t have people to care for them–but they are territorial, and will have sustainable colonies if they are controlled by trap, neuter, and release programs. Look HERE for more information.

Wednesday, 13, October, 2010

Monster! (as Alistair Would Say)

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School Supplies

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Yesterday, I took advantage of the fine weather to go out and get school supplies. Specifically, supplies for the ballistics laboratory. This creates some difficulties. First off, I tried to use one of my faculty development grants to buy a (reproduction) M1928 Thompson. That was an interesting experience in paperwork and raised some eyebrows. There was the whole question of where I would keep the darn thing–Don’t really want to keep it in my office, as too many people have keys, and we couldn’t think of a practical, better solution.

I bought books with the money, instead.

But every year, I buy ammunition for my class. I get complaints from the administration, because I buy retail. You can buy the stuff via mail order, but with the shipping, HAZMAT fees, and storing 500 cartridges I think paying retail and getting reimbursed is the most pragmatic way to go. Still, I get complaints because the school doesn’t want to pay sales tax. If you’ve ever tried to get a small gun store to accept a University Purchase Order and tax-exempt number, you really haven’t gotten blank stares.

No matter, it usually gets paid, but this hiccup happens every year about this time.

Tuesday, 12, October, 2010

Beehives in Wooster

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Monday, 11, October, 2010

Hokey Smoke!

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Sitting in my backyard, when a chipmunk bounces off the phone line and onto a tree trunk. Except the phone line is seven feet in the air, and they never go that high. I believe it was a flying squirrel.
Never saw one of them in the wild before.

Graduate School–Midterms

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Assessments are funny things. You want them to be a fair test of what you covered. It is good for students to have some sort of summative assessment to make sure they got the concepts. Formative assessments to make sure they can correct their course if needed. I’d really rather give just one assessment at the end of the course, but that is too much pressure, it is nice to learn the instructor’s style, instead of going for broke at the end.

Today was the mid-term. It broke down quite nicely to little bell curve, with a big peak in the 90’s.

Sunday, 10, October, 2010


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This post will appear on 10/10/10 at 10:10. There is no other reason for it, really. And it’s silly, as the numbering convention is totally arbitrary. Besides, I’ve scheduled this post, and I’m going to be sitting in the park drinking coffee and watching the trains go over a plate girder bridge.

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