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Tuesday, 19, October, 2010

Dental School-I & II

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Vascular Pathology I; Vascular Pathology II.
Vascular Pathology I

Vascular Pathology II
QOTD “You ARE going to post these lectures aren’t you?”

WtC “I’m sure you meant, ‘Professor, will you please make sure these lectures are posted online for us?’ That is a polite comment that engenders the response ‘Sure!’ Saying ‘You ARE going to post these lectures, aren’t you?’ in a hard tone is a really disrespectful command, and is going to be answered ‘Of course not.’ You want to try to rephrase that?”


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  1. In the “How can seeing eyes be so blind” department, someone ostensibly taking notes in my class “couldn’t think of anything to say” on an exam because supposedly she’d “studied all the wrong things”.

    How this is possible when I actually used her own material as an in-class example is beyond me. She could have aced most of the test if she had simply written down everything I’d put on the board the class immediately prior to the exam and bothered looking at it at some point afterwards. At the time, I’d wondered if I’d given her an unfair advantage.

    Apparently not.

    Comment by Thoryke — Friday, 22, October, 2010 @ 18:32 | Reply

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