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Wednesday, 11, August, 2010

Forensics Camp #3

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A man from the Armed Forces Medical Examiner’s office talked about mass disasters and support. The American public expects perfection in identification and repatriation of bodies, which just ain’t gonna happen in a mass disaster. More dealings with the media, and more of what not to do in one’s career.

Tuesday, 10, August, 2010

Forensics Camp #2

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Today, we reviewed gunshot wounds, media relations, and had interactive determination of manner of deaths.

Monday, 9, August, 2010

Forensics Camp #1

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The 37th Season started with a bang, jumping right away into the intricacies of forensic identification and the classic mistakes of forensic pathology. We share the facilities with a basketball camp, I really wish the New England Society for Church Music was back, they were a lot better behaved, even if we did gross them out. The evening session had several mass murders,strange deaths in a psychiatric hospital, and people making fun of Delaware.

Friday, 6, August, 2010

Sappy Cat Blogging

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The World’s Most Dangerous Librarian asked “Do Tigers like Catnip?”

Also, Rainbow Connexion Animal Foundation is in desperate need of temporary fosters for their (house) cats. If you’ve got room, call RCAF:

Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation
P.O. Box 94143
Cleveland, OH 44101
The Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation is a non-profit,
no-kill 501(c)(3) organization.
We test ALL of our cats for FIV and Felv. All gifts are tax deductible

Thursday, 5, August, 2010

Thoughts on Proposition 8

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Coming as I do from a very low church tradition, I find the kerfuffle over same sex marriage mildly…odd. I have always admired the traditions of the Society of Friends. When they marry, the two people involved get up in front of their family and friends and announce that they wish to be married. The emphasis is not on the magic words done by an individual with extra-ordinary powers to intercede between the divine and man. They just say it and go about their business.

(As a digression, I recall a mixed Friends/Catholic wedding from college. The Catholic side was very, very frightened that the “real” ceremony (the Mass) be performed first.) I wonder why there is such a strong interest in having the .gov or some other authority put the stamp of approval on marriage. It strikes me as not being the business of government at all, and an atavistic throwback to the days when people were concerned about miscegenation.

Personally, I think the take from The League of Ordinary Gentlemen: was spot on.

Key Grafs
I find the government grant of social status a very unfortunate aspect of civil marriage and one I would do without if I could. I would prefer for my family and friends to think of me as married, or not, rather than to have “married” stamped on my forehead by the government. I know not everyone thinks this way, and I get a bit queasy when I think that many people seem to prefer the government stamp to the personal approval of family and friends. … Wherever possible, and as a general rule, the government should not be in the business of conferring social distinction or granting social status. But if it must do so — if it has no other choice, or if political realities force the issue — status must be granted on an egalitarian basis, without regard to race, gender, religion, or even sexual orientation.

Right. Denying same sex marriages hurts and demeans living people. The arguments against it are abstractions, pointing to “societal breakdown” or “rubbing faces in it.” That abstraction isn’t enough IMHO.

Now THIS is Just Disturbing.

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Is this an occupational therapy project from prison? Make your own balaclava? I’ve heard of cunning hats, but these aren’t cunning, they’re disturbing.

Wednesday, 4, August, 2010

I Really Hate This

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The unrelated male care giver of an infant struck him so “he would act like a boy and not a little girl” according to news reports. The boy was beaten to death.

Tuesday, 3, August, 2010

Why Did They Do This Study Again?

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Public Release: 3-Aug-2010
Journal of American College of Surgeons
Smoking, nipple piercing are risk factors for developing breast abscesses

Women who smoke or pierce their nipples are more likely to develop a breast abscess, according to a new study in the July issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Researchers at the University of Iowa found the odds of developing primary breast abscess were six times higher in smokers than in nonsmokers, and smokers were 11 times more likely to develop subareolar abscess.

Now, were they smoking while they were having their nipples pierced? That’s poor technique, right there, you betcha.

Hat tip, Lili.

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