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Monday, 23, August, 2010

Graduate School #1

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For the past eight years or so, I’ve been teaching forensic pathology. This year, again, I’m going to live blog my class. I’ve had problems in the past with people getting so focused on the powerpoints that they aren’t paying attention to the lecture. Some folks, in fact, don’t bother to buy the book and just skate on the lectures. Thankfully, I have a teacher’s support group who said “Why are you doing this, you’re nuts?!
(Thanks, Lili)

I got annoyed at handing out handouts–and this got to be expensive and an annoyance. So, I’m going to post the lecture handouts here, in outline form. It is a trivial search–we’ll see if they can find them. This year I’m also going to have to pull questions from the book and only the book. This should be helpful in determining sheep from goats.

I. Me
A. History
B. Why I do this
C. What you should know

II. Class expectations
A. Professionalism
B. Two examinations
C. Stress applications

III. Outside Experiences
A. Autopsy
B. Crime lab
C. Shooting range
1. Four Rules
a. Rule 1 All guns are always loaded
b. Rule 2. Never let your muzzle cover anything you aren’t willing to destroy.
c. Rule 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
d. Rule 4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

D. Professional behavior
1. Dress
2. Demeanor
3. Don’t take anything
4. Don’t talk about it
5. Attendance

IV. Speakers
A. Show up on time
B. Behaviour critically important
C. Be polite

V. History
A. Julius Caesar
1. Stabbed in the rotunda
2. 23 times
3. Only one wound was fatal
4. Actual crime scene photo

B. Ancient China
1. Provision for medical examiners
2. Blood and the sickle
3. Could not force an autopsy

C. Justinian code
1. Provision for expert testimony

D. Richard Coeur de Leon
1. Trouble on Crusades
a. Pissing contest with Leopold of Austria
b. Thrown into prison
c. “King’s Ransom” beggared the country
2. New office, Keeper of the King’s Pleas
a. “Crowner”
b. Made sure that the king got what he was owed
c. Property of suicides were forfeit to the crown
3. Check on the power of the Shire Reeve
a. Knightly rank
b. Powers of arrest
E. British Colonies
1. Common law
2. William Penn

F. Present day
1. Medical Examiners
2. Coroners
3. Ohio

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  1. Mind if I “tag along”? Curiosity and all that… 🙂

    Comment by Old NFO — Wednesday, 25, August, 2010 @ 20:43 | Reply

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