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Saturday, 21, August, 2010

Mr Trashman, Send Me A Dream

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Cleveland is a great city. I love the lake, the Library, the West Side Market, there’s a lot of good stuff in Cleveland. But the city itself, has problems. The city services are so bad they have to have a law to force city workers to live within the city limits. There exists a squad of rat-you-out policemen, who go around and check, so the city and sue and/or fire the people who wish to live outside the city.

Despite this, the city is hemorrhaging residents. There are two obvious reasons for this;
1. The city services are terrible
2. The city schools are worse than terrible.

It seems the only thing the city of Cleveland is good or efficient at is parking enforcement. Or, now, going through your garbage. Passing on the work of sorting and making money for the city to its citizens. And that is why, friends, I live in the suburbs.

Hat tip, Breda and The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

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  1. It seems that a bi-weekly swap of garbage bins is in order among those in each neighborhood. That should give the city interesting data. (assuming these are single household wheeled bins).

    Comment by Glen — Monday, 23, August, 2010 @ 12:46 | Reply

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