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Saturday, 31, July, 2010

Someone Got Paid For This???

Filed under: Japery — williamthecoroner @ 06:44

OK. There are beauty pageants. I don’t fully understand them–but the seem to involve ogling comely women in skimpy bathing suits. I can understand that, but never mind. The organizers tend to want to showcase other things the contestants do, besides, looking good in a bathing suit. I’m not sure why, perhaps it is camouflage, or something. Be that as it may, in the Miss Universe competition, the contestants have to show off a costume inspired by their nation. Miss Australia certainly inspired the nation, the only question is to what. Story is HERE.

A Class III beverage alert is in effect. Someone got PAID for this?


  1. One has to admit, though, that Miss Australia is pretty darn cute despite the costume. She should get points for that alone.

    Comment by Shay — Saturday, 31, July, 2010 @ 12:11 | Reply

  2. I must say I find Uggs to be aptly named– for they are fearsomely ugly, to a shoe. However, I find the outfit kind of cute. Then again, I’m warped, I suppose.

    Comment by phlegmfatale — Sunday, 1, August, 2010 @ 17:28 | Reply

  3. “She’s bang on trend with the shrug …,” Maclean said.

    Seriously hope not! … I think the shrug is atrocious (as is the rest of the um, costume)

    Aussies have some great fashion designers shame they didn’t use one for this outfit ….

    Comment by julie — Monday, 2, August, 2010 @ 00:28 | Reply

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