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Friday, 30, July, 2010

Sappy Cat Blogging

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Sappy Forensic Cat Blogging, HERE!

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  1. Oh yeah, my cat’s hair is on me. And on my car seat. On every chair I sit on at work can be found more of these little hairs. I wouldn’t be surprised if my co-workers haven’t brought my cat’s hairs home with them, picked up from any of the chairs I’ve sat in.

    The furry, purring bundle of self-adsorbed joy has tried to kill me with those hairs. Somehow he manages to deposit his finest hairs on my eyeglasses, unnoticed by me until I open the car window to enjoy the weather. Then, out of the corner of my horrified eye, I see this spider-silk fine hair on the rim of my glasses, waving around in the breeze, reaching towards my eye. It always connects.

    How something so fine can cause so many tears, I do not know. Until I can pull over and tease it out of my eye I have to drive by the “drunk bumps” on the side of the lane, with additional assistance by helpful drivers honking their horns.

    Someday that cat will finally do me in. I have my doubts that the pathologist will try to extract DNA from the cat hair found in my eye after the fatal crash, but I am certain of one thing: At least one of my cat’s hairs will end up stuck to the pathologist, too!

    Comment by Wayne Conrad — Friday, 30, July, 2010 @ 07:40 | Reply

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