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Monday, 12, July, 2010

De Minimis, People, De Minimis.

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De minimis non curat praetor</em>. The praetor (Roman Magistrate) is not concerned with trifles. As I get older, possibly wiser, or at least have more stuff to do in my life, this Latin maxim (translated into modern vernacular as “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is more and more apt.

Yes, it is a wonderful fantasy to get on the phone and jack with telemarkers. If enough people did it, it would raise the costs of telemarketing, that annoyance would become unprofitable, and those people would have to go into more socially acceptable lines of work, like prositution or used care sales. But, when you think about it, my time is valuable. It is the only thing, really I have to sell. It behooves me to spend it wisely. Fun as hassling someone who wastes one’s time on the phone might be, acting like a grown-up is really the way to go here.

This was brought home today in several little ways. I tried to call CrankyProf. I misdialed the phone, and got a crabby guy. Who, of course, called me back, and told me to be more careful. He was really quite exercised about it. My feeling, though, if this is your biggest problem, you’re lucky. Perhaps he just wanted to talk more, he might be lonely.

I advertise my consulting practice on LinkedIn. I think it’s a whole lot less sleazy than the other expert witness lists online. The thing that is annoying–if you’re not careful, you can invite your whole damn address book to contact you on LinkedIn. Great. You too can spam all your friends. I agree, that social networking sites can be a time-sink. I certainly don’t get bent out of shape if folks don’t take me up on any invitation–particularly if that invitation is not appropriate for the relationship. (Hey, if you’re in the market for a consulting forensic pathologist, I’m happy to talk to you. If you’re not, you’re lucky.) Most folks delete and ignore. A couple of folks strenuously object to the time-sink nature of these websites. And they’re happy to tell you about it at length. Which makes me wonder–how much time did you waste complaining about wasting time?


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  1. best way to deal with telemarketers is to say “please hold on for a moment” then set the phone down and wait for the tone that means they disconnected. the longer they are on the line the more it will cost the company and fewer calls will be made. if you hang up they just go on to the next call.

    Comment by hilljohnny — Monday, 19, July, 2010 @ 09:03 | Reply

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