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Monday, 5, July, 2010

Second Amendment

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I haven’t really has a chance to post on the Second Amendment happenings lately. But I am pleased. The last time someone asked me to give a talk about the importance of gun control and “common sense gun restrictions” they got it. They did not want to hear how the Firearms Act of 1934 was a terrible idea, and when they learned that I was in favour of Switzerland-style militia they needed a dry cleaners. But I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. Second City Cop, mentions the new laws HERE: Key graf.

The fact is that legally owned firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens are seldom a problem. Legit citizens don’t usually have run-ins with the police and don’t need the police around to live upright and moral lives. What they do need is a means to defend themselves, their families and their homes when the government can’t. Like when there hasn’t been any police hiring for 2-plus years and manpower shortages are becoming so acute that even the aldercreatures can’t make excuses that sound like anything but BS.

Or, as Oleg Volk put it:


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  1. That pic says it all… Thanks!

    Comment by Old NFO — Tuesday, 6, July, 2010 @ 19:45 | Reply

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