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Wednesday, 12, May, 2010

There Are No Words (Pathology Facebook)

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ANS RAS proto-oncogenes are pretty cool. Unless you have a point mutation of one, that is. Then they are definitely NOT cool.

CB This is one malignant post. 🙂

SM Eh, it’s growing on me.

ANS S, you get extra points for that line. I should have expected that this crowd would break out the cancer humor…

SM That’s it, I’m going to Mass.

ANS OH MAN, that was bad… I’ll stop laughing as soon as I am bcr/abl.

SM Man, I bet you’re so glad we met

ANS My friend wanted me to buy a MAC, but I use APC

SM I don’t mean to be invasive, but did you use anaplastic when you bought it?

ANS I was going to, but I decided to use a cachexia. That was acute joke you just made.

SM Thanks. I’ve been using that joke since Grade 4. Well, I’m going to assume that your latency is a marker that this thread has reached its terminal. Thanks! It was a real vinblastine!

ANS I could repeat these jokes to my mom, but HER-2/NEU to pathology to get them.

ANS I know you’re a Libertarian, but did you vote for BRCA Obama?

SM Wow, kudos on the HER-2/NEU joke. I wish I could monoclonal your wit!

ANS This thread has gone on long enough. If we each post one more time, we’ll have made tumor jokes.

WZBG Oh My God.

SM Oh jesus vin-crist-ine

ANS Most of these claims have been Trousseau there’s no need to verifiy them
I guess this just goes to show you, in life, where there’s a Wilms, there’s a way!

SM It’ll benign or more comments until I’m done.
Also, all of your comments have been very well-circumscribed.

ANS You posted that joke about an Auer rod ago

SM All your jokes have a nice signet ring to them.

ANS Let me be perfectly clear cell carcinoma: A lot of people say I’m funny, but don’t believe the hypochlorhydria.

S, I think you move through life a little too FAS. Slow down, change your ways and turn over a new Li Fraumeni.


  1. Wow, I’m famous! I guess I’ve earned my p15 methylation minutes of fame!

    Comment by ANS — Thursday, 13, May, 2010 @ 01:42 | Reply

  2. Usually when I drink beer, I go for a leather bottle… but tonight I went with acanthosis nigricans.

    Comment by ANS — Thursday, 13, May, 2010 @ 01:59 | Reply

  3. LOL- Good ones!

    Comment by Old NFO — Thursday, 13, May, 2010 @ 20:26 | Reply

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