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Saturday, 1, May, 2010

Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw

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So, there I was, calmly driving back through the Metroparks, at three-quarters three in the afternoon, when this large, scruffy, dog, runs across the road.  Biggish dog, kinda shaggy and mangy, browny-grey.  With long legs.  Really long legs, and a bushy tail.  No collar.  Really,LONG legs; black tip on the tail. I’m beginning to think it was Canis latrans.

Okay.  I know they’re in the Cuyahoga valley, this was up around Tinker’s Creek–perhaps it followed the water.

So I get home, and, speaking of Tinker, Tinker has caught the other baby bunny.  Bunjamin P. Franklin likes to raise a family in my pachysandra, and he’s not that smart, because every year Tinker–sometimes Murphy, but Tinker is the clear leader, catches them.  And, because I’m a very poor hunter, takes them home for ME to kill. Last week I had this bunny’s sibling loose in my house for a couple of days, before I found Tinker snacking on his intestines.  Just now, he brings in the (larger) sibling.  My technique is getting better, as I get bunny out of the kitchen, hotly pursued by the cat, who, of course catches him again.  Tinker this this is hilarious.  I don’t know why the rabbits don’t wise up.  After the second catching, Bun-bun goes into the neighbor’s yard, Tinker decides to do his impression of a hood ornament, and I shut the back door.

Enough already.



  1. If you think cats are hard on rabbits, try Greyhounds.

    I remember going out to do chores one winter morning after an overnight snowfall. There were rabbit tracks going through the fence into the dog yard. Greyhound tracks coming from the dog door met them in a scuffed-up area of snow. Then the Greyhound tracks went back into the house. There were no other rabbit tracks.

    With no sign of a dead rabbit anywhere and no way to tell who had a self-serve hot breakfast, it was Droncit For Everyone.

    How dumb does a rabbit have to be to go into an area used for years by big, predatory dogs?

    By the way, even properly confined Greyhounds are great ‘yote repellent.

    Comment by hecate — Sunday, 2, May, 2010 @ 09:06 | Reply

  2. The worst part about cats and baby bunnies is the way they scream (the bunnies, I mean) as the cats are dragging them in. The first time I heard it, I thought it was a child. Scary.

    Comment by Shay — Sunday, 2, May, 2010 @ 15:27 | Reply

  3. Dumb bunnies is NOT just a joke… sigh…

    Comment by Old NFO — Sunday, 2, May, 2010 @ 16:59 | Reply

  4. Dang, hit enter too quick. FYI, there are also coyotes in downtown New York City!!! Completely urbanized no less!

    Comment by Old NFO — Sunday, 2, May, 2010 @ 17:00 | Reply

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