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Thursday, 8, April, 2010

The Take Home Messages–Day 1

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The Salient points from each session of Principles of Medical Education: Maximizing Your Teaching Skills. 

How Effective Teachers Help People Learn:  Learning is less the transmission to passive receivers; rather it is a collaborative effort.  Feedback is important; empty praise is not mot- vating but praise that is deserved, and is temporally associated with superior work is.

Lecturing Skill Development:  People’s attention lasts a maximum of 10 minutes.  Do something to mix it up at those intervals. If nothing else, go for audience responses.

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills:  The whole point of learning is to link concepts to everyday experiences. Expertise consists of wide knowledge and experiences, and that takes time.

Small Group Teaching: Life is a succession of small group sessions.  In facilitating such sessions, ask probing questions, but call on people LAST, it will keep them engaged.  Questions that call for xynthesis and predictions are ones to go for, they pull it all together.

Mentoring Skills:  Mentors should not be in evaluative roles with thier mentees.


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  1. “People’s attention lasts a maximum of 10 minutes.” I can vouch for this one… When I was a Navy instructor back in the 70s, we had lesson plan segments that were 10 minutes each, then a Q&A/Class pull, then the next segment. I will still throw in a ‘random’ slide if I know I’m going longer than 10 minutes during briefs…

    Comment by Old NFO — Friday, 9, April, 2010 @ 08:07 | Reply

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