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Sunday, 7, February, 2010

What Has He Got In His Pocketses?

Filed under: Blogania — williamthecoroner @ 21:36

This meme has been going around again, and I had the camera available this time so here is what I tote around every day.

Wallet, Opinel knife, keys, flash drives, S&W M1917 chambered in .45 ACP.


  1. EXCELLENT choice of sidearm…a classic, in a major caliber, with fast reloading capability! (hope you have a full moon clip or two in the other pocket)
    Is that original Parkerizing? It looks good.

    Comment by George — Sunday, 7, February, 2010 @ 23:47 | Reply

    • Thanks. I also don’t have to worry too much about feeding from a magazine, and the barrel length gives pretty good results with 185 gr. bullets.

      Comment by williamthecoroner — Monday, 8, February, 2010 @ 00:52

  2. Why the Opinel?

    Comment by bluntobject — Monday, 8, February, 2010 @ 03:29 | Reply

    • I like the simplicity. Four parts, and it fits nicely in my hand. I HAVE a Leatherman, and that’s useful for knocking around the house, but I also don’t want to cut my apple with the same knife I used to tighten the screws on the toilet seat. Yeah, I have ethanol for cleaning it, but the hesitation is psychological, you know?

      Comment by williamthecoroner — Monday, 8, February, 2010 @ 08:41

  3. Dayum… how big is your pocket??? I know how big a 1917 is! 🙂

    Comment by Old NFO — Monday, 8, February, 2010 @ 06:42 | Reply

  4. You must have some big pockets! I love those old wheelguns!

    Comment by DocV — Monday, 8, February, 2010 @ 07:42 | Reply

  5. How do you carry that wheelgun? Shoulder holster?

    Comment by Crucis — Monday, 8, February, 2010 @ 16:39 | Reply

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