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Wednesday, 3, February, 2010

Oh For Pity’s Sake!

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I’m a private person.  I try to keep a wall between my work colleagues and my friends, some cross over, but on the whole I like to keep things separate.  I’m thankful, though, that I don’t have to go through the humiliating bullshit of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, A.K.A. institutionalized  hypocrisy.  To fully comply with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, you have to lie.   Even if you’re private and close mouthed, you have to lie.  Either you have to make up a partner or deny one that exists, and can’t even say “We went out for breakfast at Big Al’s”.  That’s nonsense, that’s humiliating, that’s soul destroying and that’s ultimately unnecessary.

Some commenters mention the need for segregated housing, so that people who might be attracted to one another aren’t rooming together (an abrigment of a comment on LabRat’s post.)  That seems like a rationalization, for keeping way from teh ghey cooties, but that’s another matter.  I lived in co-ed housing in college.  Even the bathrooms were coed–not officially, but practically.  Some parents worried that this would turn the dorm into a hotbed (heh) of unbridled sexuality.

Frankly, living in close proximity to people for any length of time does more to kill sexual attraction than it does to promote it.  It’s really hard to romanticize the beautiful young woman when she’s drunk and pukes on your wingtips (I speak from experience.)  I can guess it’s hard to look with longing at the young man who decides to sit atop the stall wall to defecate (referred to as the “Hiroshima shit”.  It was worse after Mexican night  Ew.)

When you live in close proximity to other humans you need to treat people with consideration and mutual respect.  You need some more tolerance in larger groups, but unless you’re off living by yourself, you gotta learn to play well with others.  People need to follow the Wheaton Rule (Don’t be a dick).  If service members act inappropriately, they need to deal with the consequences of their actions.   There are gay people serving honourably now, and they have served honourably in the past.   Let them do their jobs with as little chickenshit as possible.
Between Labrat, Tam, JayG and Marko, I really didn’t need to say anything.   It does bother me, I tend to be conservative, but I’d rather not have a side order of religion with my politics.  I’m not a big fan of Mr. Obama’s policies, but getting rid of DADT is the right thing to do, and there is no reason to let the morality of bronze-age middle eastern nomads make policy in the XXI century.


  1. May I use the bronze age remark when my government students ask me about the policy change?

    I made the mistake of asking one class what did they think of the State of the Union address? They let me know how much the suburbs hate the man. They want a man with epaulets on his moral straight jacket. They think that anyone, including me, that speaks reason to the irrational is condescending and “disrespecting me.” yes, yes The complaints are already rolling in because I noted I wouldn’t give out key terms lists so they could study those instead of doing the reading assignments.

    I am in the wrong time period.

    Comment by jaye — Wednesday, 3, February, 2010 @ 19:06 | Reply

  2. I’m a big fan of survival but also a big fan of not having to hide who I am. I am happiest when I can meet both objectives at once. DADT came about after my brief service, and at the time I had not come out yet, so I’m especially glad on both counts. I cannot imagine trying to serve in the military and balance the lies with my own reality. Talk about second class citizenship. Yes, DADT needs to fall by the wayside, and people need to grow up and stop looking for excuses about why one group of people is theoretically better than another. My lesbianism, oddly enough, does not prevent me from having female friends who I am not attracted to even though they are quite attractive in general, and also does not compel me to hit on female friends who are heterosexual! It’s funny how that works…

    Comment by Impetua — Thursday, 4, February, 2010 @ 12:22 | Reply

  3. […] LabRat put torch to tinder and lit the DADT Drama Llama on fire here and here.  Further discussion here, here, and especially here and here.  (Read the last two if you read nothing else.  And yes, […]

    Pingback by We interrupt this nerdfest… « Blunt Object — Thursday, 4, February, 2010 @ 16:52 | Reply

  4. It’s a huge mark of disrespect for the people we ask to die for us, IMHO, to ask them to lie about who they love. So, hear hear.

    Comment by redrabbitslife — Monday, 8, February, 2010 @ 18:18 | Reply

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