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Thursday, 31, December, 2009

Year End Blog Digest

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My Best Posts of 2009:

Top 10 posts in 2009

In The Running For Strangest Title Ever. 3,350
Falcon at the Lake 3,239
Sir Isaac, You Magnificent Bastard 2,783
This is Mutiny, Mr. Christian! 1,339
Pi Day 1,244
Sappy Cat Blogging 1,190
Forensic Facts–Do Cats Eat Dead People 1,039
Range Report- m1903, M1911A1, M1917 1,019
Paul Revere’s Ride 1,017
Arms And Armour of Imperial Austria 781

It is interesting what posts get the most traffic over the year. I don’t know why a fluff piece about Isaac Newton gets so much traffic, nor why there is so much interest in Elliot Ness from people in Spain. The Arms and Armour of Graz post garnered a lot of German Spam, which I couldn’t read.
Top 10 Search Terms in 2009

Honey bee
Peregrine falcon
Eliot Ness
Isaac Newton
Elliot Ness
Bumble Bee
Can of Worms

Top 10 Referrers in 2009

crankylitprof.wordpress.com 2,406
gentlemansc.blogspot.com 2,235
ambulancedriverfiles.blogspot.com 1,843
oldnfo.blogspot.com 453
maypeacebewithyou.blogspot.com 349
crucis-court.blogspot.com 291
williamthecoroner.wordpress.com. 281
rethoryke.wordpress.com 251
atomicnerds.com 232
epmonthly.com/whitecoat/blog-links 200

I get most of my referral traffic form CrankyProf, AngryProf, Ambulancedriver, OldNFO, and MattG. Thanks, folks.


  1. Oh, neat. I’m a site stats geek, so this is a cool post. May crib a couple of the ideas :).

    Comment by Overeducated Twit — Thursday, 31, December, 2009 @ 17:46 | Reply

    • Do so, I stole it from Marko, the Munchkin Wrangler. I have no idea why Elliot Ness, Graz, and Isaac Newton get so much traffic. It’s OK, but I don’t get why.

      Comment by williamthecoroner — Thursday, 31, December, 2009 @ 17:53

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