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Wednesday, 9, December, 2009

Nela Park

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I saw the lighting display today at Nela Park.  One of the first industrial parks, Nela Park is the GE facility in East Cleveland.  I knew several people who worked there, and I nearly got a job there myself, from Dr. McCarty, an early mentor. 

Nela Park is absolutely beautiful.  Built in 1912, it has great Georgian style, all red brick and sandstone.  The lighting display goes along Noble road, with flat displays of carolers, toy soldiers, deer, penguins, gingerbread and Christmas Candy.  The trees are varied, with multicolours and single colour strands draped over them.  And in the high wind tonight they are quite dramatic.  The buildings are outlined in lights, and there are some squiggly things on windows.

A slightly more restrained display than some years, but a Cleveland tradition nonetheless and I really like it.


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  1. Lovely light display — there’s an amusing one on the Fail blog of a deer, well, in a pose that’s appropriate for something other than leaping lightly to a rooftop.

    BTW, our phone service has been out, although teh interwebs function. We hate Verizon and apologize for the lack of contact.

    Semester almost over! Huzzah!

    Comment by Thoryke — Wednesday, 9, December, 2009 @ 23:05 | Reply

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