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Saturday, 28, November, 2009

@#*$&^?!! Christmas Songs

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I like Christmas carols. I like the quiet simplicity of Silent Night. The grandeur of Angels We Have Heard on High. The history behind Deo Gratias. I love the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols done by King’s College. Bates College did the same service, and put luminaria all over the paths in the quad–which made it look a little like an airport, but I digress.

Photo by Mikmor

It may be the onset of incipient curmudgeonliness, but I cannot stand the repetition of so-called “carols” that are not. Deck the Hall is OK, in small doses. Bing and Frank doing “The Christmas Song” also sets the stage for the season.

It is still November, however. could we please give them a rest? When there are still Thanksgiving leftovers, I don’t want to hear about Santa Claus is Coming to Town. And if Grandma gets Run Over by a Reindeer whilst Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Santa Baby, good bloody riddance.

I’d also like to hear the dreidel song, perhaps, for a little variety? Maybe a little Klezmer music? A nice snack of holiday hummous would be a Turkish Delight. (I don’t know of any winter songs from the Middle or Far east, that’s all I can come up with.




  1. My daughter’s favorite radio station started playing Christmas carols 24/7 on November 1. I didn’t know there were that many Christmas carols.

    Comment by Angry Professor — Saturday, 28, November, 2009 @ 21:08 | Reply

  2. “Jingle Bell Rock.” Anything but “Jingle Bell rock.”

    (Although “Grandma” is a close second).

    Comment by Shay — Sunday, 29, November, 2009 @ 01:22 | Reply

  3. I turn the radio off when I hear “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” as well as the “12 Pains of Christmas”.
    I do rather like Sting’s “I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In” and will admit to listening to that all year round!

    Comment by t — Sunday, 29, November, 2009 @ 11:08 | Reply

    • Yeah, Sting can actually sing.

      Comment by williamthecoroner — Sunday, 29, November, 2009 @ 13:56

  4. I’m officially on my radio boycott until New Years… I’m just cycling all the old CDs just for white noise at this point. sigh…

    Comment by Old NFO — Sunday, 29, November, 2009 @ 21:07 | Reply

  5. My favorite irrevent Christmas song, bar none, is from the Christmas Jug Band, entitled, “Santa Lost a Ho”.


    Comment by Raymond — Monday, 30, November, 2009 @ 08:47 | Reply

  6. I have not heard the dreaded Christmas Donkey song. I am, however, in a choir that is practicing carols. Some of them are wonderful, and others are cheesetastic. I do admit to loving “In the Bleak Midwinter.” But you do get really tired of holiday music when you’ve been practicing it since the summer, even if you adore the pieces you get to sing.

    Comment by rj — Monday, 30, November, 2009 @ 22:30 | Reply

  7. I’m something of a fan of Weird Al Yankovic’s “Christmas At Ground Zero”, but since I recognized Die Hard as the ne plus ultra of Christmas movies I prefer the Ode to Joy.

    Which I just got stuck in my head. *sigh*

    Comment by bluntobject — Tuesday, 1, December, 2009 @ 00:29 | Reply

  8. Classic Hanukkah song:
    Adam Sandler: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrd9p47MPHg
    Cheesy ‘rap’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I8PLjPUdUo
    Kids singing the prayers for lighting the Hanukah candles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbwGTUx76-c

    And don’t forget, over here in Israel we have no Chrsitmas trees, New Years, Black Friday – NOTHING!! Well, we do have Bethlehem…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbwGTUx76-c

    Comment by Jumblerant — Wednesday, 9, December, 2009 @ 14:07 | Reply

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