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Wednesday, 14, October, 2009

Democracy in Action

Filed under: Politics,Social Commentary — williamthecoroner @ 09:07

GilElvgrenVotePinUpGirl I do love seeing the campaign signs during the run-up to election. Although I must admit I get annoyed with seeing them littering the place after the election. It’s democracy in action. It’s people putting themselves out there and risking rejection for something they believe in. It’s really quite wonderful, and goes along so well with fall foliage, the smell of wood smoke and apples, and a cinnamon donut.

Some though, are just amusing. I saw a sign yesterday that said “Bonk for Council”. I’m afraid I could not tell if it were a campaign sign or a suggestion. Then I saw “Schtupp for Mayor”.
I tell you, if I see “Diddle for School Board”, I’m going home and hiding under my bed.



  1. We here in Florida have the Secretary of Aquaculture who is the one that processes the Concealed Handgun Permits. The gentleman’s name….. Charles Bronson. I kid you not.

    Comment by John-in Florida — Thursday, 15, October, 2009 @ 03:38 | Reply

  2. Dare one ask if the Mayoral candidate’s full name is Lilli von?

    Comment by Shay — Saturday, 17, October, 2009 @ 12:33 | Reply

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